Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Treasure Hunting Fairys

 I just want to say thankyou for a successful treasure hunting day.I found lots of vintage things plus other treasures and am thinking my friends would like to see so am going to show them.I do hope you come to visit me alot more as I have been feeling very neglected but not today,today I think you love me.Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou xxxx

Yes my friends I did well today the drought has broken and I am smiling just you wait and see......

Ok "what tha!?" I can hear you thinking.No its not a wat tha its a mat with holes."What the heck for" I hear you say.Well dear friends these are perfect if you have macadamia nuts that need cracking and perfect for kids who love to crack them.Pop them in the hole and bash away they cant go bouncing of anymore.A lady bought 2 mats after I told her what mine was for lol.$1 I do try to make the kids happy ha.
 A retro shell pic very 70s I think.Saw a smaller one in the vintage shop in town and decided to go back and grab this one.Nearly did last week lucky no one else liked it.

 Miss 10 fell in love with this ...lightshade for her beach room (eventually) Different isnt it?

 This is a very small chair suitable for elves and fairys lol I have now go 2 small chairs in my colletion and am going to start a collection to have on my wall.Weird? Me? what makes you say that?
Some vintage bling $3
 2 movie books yay me the opshop book lady  was marking them while I was checking out some of her other bits (see below shortly) and they were half price so $2.50 each.YES!!
 Vintage bag like I need another.It was $5 but I havnt got one quite like this (my excuse and sticking to it!)
 Tablecloth (just wait till you see what I will be doing with it) $1
More books.The craft one in the middle was for memories sake I had one just like this as a teen .90c the lot
Not too vintage but most popular a few times in the past.Its a lovely turquoise I did pay $4 but its coz I dont have many tops and the colour is yum.

 Ha ha how could I resist these?20c I think.One lady said $2 I went back to pay and my total was much less.
 a bit more vintage bling.
 How could I leave this $1 glass fish behind?It was so cugly I had to have it.
 Kylie look some teatowels.
 Very cute basket.
 and Miss 10 finally got her $1 ukelele back after being fixed.Its from the 70s and her teacher did it up cheap.(strings etc )wooden ones new go for over $140
 Now hold on to your panties gals.Your gunna love this ......
Are you ready??????? Saw the book  lady unpacking these,(control the drool girls)

 and placing one at a time into individual bags
I said how much are they?
 She said $2 each but its half price today!!! I said Id have them all.(she was happy less work for her!) I was very happy as I had been wondering where  all the 50s patterns were and I said as much to book lady.

they are  1955x7, 1956x2, 1957x1,1958x2, 1959x2 and 1962x2

 Book lady then informs me."I just put a heap of vintage patterns away I will show you where."
 Woo hoo is me smiling and following and trying not to do a skip while clicking my ankles together. I am nothing but cool ya know.Ha ha.

and I got these
and these
 and these  for.... Are you sitting down?10c each.Can you believe it? (Heres a tissue wipe the drool)
AND she was throwing this lot out and thought it funny that I wanted it all .So free box of full patterns and some pattern pieces  I have to put together
 and newspaper clippings from the 60s and 70s all used as patterns.

 Wonder where they are now and what they look like?

Love old adverts

But wait theres more.Vintage dresses x2 yes you heard right and vintage tops yep x2. Told ya it was my day!!But you will have to wait to see them.I"ll be frocking on Friday just wait But wait theres more news but will tell you next week....

Nelly xxxx


Anonymous said...

Oh Nelly you are the Queen of opping aren't you. I need a raincoat from all the drool......hold on you're so thrifty could you find me really cool vintage one please lol.

Vande Historic Costuming said...

What a fantastic haul!!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Okay now Nelly... Are you sure you were Opping?? ...You did not break into a 90 year old woman's house or anything did you??

(No you say??)
OKAY just wanted to be sure. heheeh
MY GOD you scored big. WOW WOW WOW to all those home journals. I am immensly envious!
And old newspapers are way too cool.
WHAT YOU GOT DRESSES TOO! *Gosh you spoiled chiquita*

Helga! said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG....those patterns!!!
AND you're making me wait for the frocks?!
Jeez.You suck!
But in the BEST way!!!

A Treasured Past said...

Great finds Nelly. I was going to head to the oppies today, but didn't even make I did find a great eidy yesterday though for only $5..yippee. I like the old ads. Tam x

Fading Grace said...

Those patterns are an amazing find...good old fairies. xx

Hello Vintage said...

Oh MY!!! Those Home Journals would be amazing and the patterns...oh WOW!!

I love the red beads too, I have a things for red vintage beads. Well done!

Vintage Fabric Addict said...

oh lucky day!! I love that your collecting makes me feel all minimalist like. ;) keep it up there are more treasures out there. I'm sure they are all in the too hard basket out the back!!

pastcaring said...

Good Lord, LOOK at all those patterns!
You definitely had a very good treasure hunting trip - Nelly's got her mojo back!
Beads, baskets, sunnies, tea towels, love it all, and can't wait to see your frocks too. xxx

Miss Claire said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!!! Wow, you scored good!!!! I could have cried at the sheer volume of patterns and journals that you scored!! I'm superbly jealous! Thank you for teasing us all with the dresses, can't wait to see them!

That uke looks great, much nicer than my $30 one off ebay!!! I'd love some photos of miss 10 playing it :) As for violins, I can't name any particular type! Student models are fine for the first few years and when she is big enough for a full size, get her teacher to go along to a good violin maker/dealer and try out all of the ones in your price range! Mine is an old german copy of a Jacobus Stainer and it goes alright :)

Xoxoxox Claire

Kitty said...

Oh it's all too much, I don't know how you find the time to clean it all, in between your nana duties and craft and costume making!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

You were in the right place at the right time! Those fairies must of been looking out for you. Those patterns are freaking amazing. I would love to see some dresses created from them. That lampshade is really cool. Can't wait to see those dresses!

Em xx

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Nelly,
Wow, what a magnificent hoard of vintage goodies my dear. I love vintage patterns mostly for the pictures at the packets cause I'm too bloody lazy to use them. When I sew stuff, I usually take a rough pattern from an old garment, wing it & hope for the best. 9/10 this haphazard approach works but there have been bin bound disasters on a few occasions.
Lot's of love,

Krista said...

I can't believe all those patterns! What a score, great day shopping. Are you gonna make something??? Can't wait to see what you rock tomorrow!

Vix said...

You must own all the patterns in Australia!! I had a clearout of mine recently and some of them sold for loads of money.
Can't wait to see your frocks! x

Scarlett said...

Blimey you did have som bargain fairy power on your side, loving all the bling esp. Looking forward to the frocks :o) Scarlett x

Mary Lou said...

oh my god this is really a treasure girl!!! i want those vintage patterns!!!! i´m always looking here for some old simplicity patterns but can´t get any :( you are really lucky!!!
love and kiss,mary

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Ooh Nellie - I just adore your fairies. (And your haul isn't half bad too.) How do you choose which pattern to make first?

Misfits Vintage said...

You know i LOVE heart sunnies - and HOLY GUACAMOLE all of those patterns!!! FABULOUS!

Sarah xxx