Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well it was a nice drive.

Coz thats all it was as the HUGE oppy is closed,so I was told at the very small with no vintage clothing and only oppy in town  shop.Sorry to dissapoint you all.
Sad yes but least I now know so can get it out of my head.I did get some books tho.A dress for summer (non vintage but the Captain liked it)a couple of scarves and a floral vintage sheet.I did ask the lady if they had a retro rack.She said no they had no room.What I  thought.... Get rid of alot of this crap on your rails and you will have room.What I said.....oh what a shame other shops do.
Here are the books

 Sunny days is an oldie as is Pow Wow stories and Susies New Stove (Little golden book)BTW I just ordered a new (yes shocking aye) book about valueing and identifying good  LGBs to buy  I will let you know when it arrives.
 Please Sit Still is the 1st book  I spotted there and my fave
 Look at the great 70s illustrations.
Got all the books for $2 pretty cool that,Worth the drive I say.The captain most like didnt think so lol.

But he must have been in a good mood coz I got  himn to take me to Vinnies  at Bargara which is  the next /town over from ours (10 minutes max) and got some more flaming marbles!!! But guys  they are old and a huge bag of them and only $4 I couldnt leave them now could I?.I just cant resist old marbles  now I am onto filling my 4th large jar of marbles(have to find the jar now).
You think I've lost my marbles dont ya? Well the answer to that is NO! mine are all in bottles so i'll always be able to find them.

now if you ever lose your marbles you can always borrow some of mine

  Another I look pregnant in this picture shot lol its all the winter food (and lack of excercise) I tell ya
I also got some more knitting needles (like I need more of those like a hole in the head but these are vintagey)Any excuse right?(now before anyone says anything I know this is a tad blurry but I think I may have dropped my camera one too many times.)See all that behind me?I'll tell you about it soon.

What I wore today red vintage coat (from the fancy dress stuff I bought) Dress modern opshopped,shoes and jewellery all opped.Do you like  my red and green mix?

 Should it be seen together?I think so.Now I am on the hunt for a red vintage bag and red bangles too
                                   (just showing off those Django and Julliette Shoes again.)

While I am talking about green and if you love to knit.I can send you this free pattern I googled the other day you can also find it HERE and at Ravelry too.Its a lovely one to knit  and easy once you understand  the way the pattern works so you know what row your up to. I did an error (or 2) but seeing as the Amish do that on purpose in their creating I dub it "The Amish Scarf".I would have unpicked it but Id gone a fair way (and I didnt even notice it till then)I am usually pedantic about errors and will redo. All knitters would pick the error I will see if the person  who is recieving it will notice where the error is.Its made with love error or not.

Nelly xxx

Ps kids music day in town that means I must stop at one oppy on the way in. You know I have to may be bad luck if I dont.Bad luck that id miss something awesome.Ha ha


Ava said...

Loved this Post Nelly. The LGB are divine and THOSE shoes are just perfect... I love red :) My gosh you look beautiful in your photos and so nice in green xx Ava

Vintage Coconut said...

The shop was closed *FROWN*
Is it closed forever? Or it was just closed for the day? I think you meant forever.. but just wanna be sure.
The books sure look cute especially the kissing puppies on the Dogs one.

You look so pretty in that green dress and those red shoes are just gorgeous. Lately I swear I have been wearing flip flops pretty much every dang day. But I did dig out some leather Mary Jane looking shoes for today so that was an alright change I suppose.

How many freakin racks of vintage clothes do you have?? lol *Scratch the Oppys* I am going shopping at your house! hahah

*OOOHH* Look at the green scarf sooo lovely and Kermit thee froggish. (He was one of my fave muppets.. well really I disliked many muppets and only liked a few.)
You keep posting all these lovely knitted beauties.. I usually don't start crocheting till mid fall but I keep thinking about looping some yarn around because of you.
I like crocheting hats.. mind you I have only done it 2 winters so I am no expert.

Bahahaha there you go Nelly another novel from me. I mars well just copy past chapters of novels for your comments. *hehehe*

VintageSweetheart said...

what a bummer it was closed I was totally sending vintage vibes your way! Love the red and green it's only slightly xmas style ha ha.

I'm with Vintage Coconut I wanna shop at your house!

E :)

A Blessed Life said...

Hi Nelly, I help run our little op shop and I get my girls to save anything vintage but you know we don't get very many vintage things,sadly when some in town elderly passes away that is when we get things in.We have some lovely bed jackets at the moment..why don't people have these anymore they are gorgeous.I will make a promise to you if anything absolutely gorgeous vintage comes in I will write it on your post for you and if it is something you love I will post it for you,the most expensive thing in our store is $10 thats a mens suit! we never price ladies over $4 so we hop thats fair.No red bags at the moment but you never know what will turn up tomorrow.

Misfits Vintage said...

I love the colour of the scarf!

Sarah xxx

Lyndel said...

so sad about the closed shop..(sorry Capt♥).. but you had some great finds, and I love your styling today, gosh you're as bad(or is that as good as) D and her shoe photos!.
Jeans and long sleeve T for me today, 22 in Melbourne, that's almost summer weather, been a lovely few days. ONLY 1 item at the oppy, an embroidered book cover. Will photograph later.

Lyndel said...

OH AND the knitting... guess the same as I did with a similar pattern, one row too many and you get a zigzag edge? I sent mine to the DiL, she wont notice an error or 2.

Kitty said...

More stuff for Nelly! Why was the big op shop closed, I wonder??

Bungalowgirl said...

Those red shoes are glorious, how do you ever take them off? melx

Anonymous said...

I have my great grandmas marbles,in fact they are sitting right across from me in a big jar. Hailey and I still Play with them, they are priceless to me. i love them. the books were a good find for sure

Gypsy and Nell said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens! Still got some nice things though. Love the marbles, so pretty. Mr G laughed alot that you called him a hottie!!!!!! xx

Helga! said...

Red and green rocks!
Poos to the closed oppy! Breaks my heart....
So pleased you will always have your marbles,darl!!!

Please may I? said...

Nelly I love the colour combination. Green is one of my favourite colours, a common joke in our house! (snotty green my kids call it, bless em eh!)

X x

Comtesse de ferveur said...

I actually love red and green together - great outfit! x