Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh no did you forget its Frock on Friday?

 I didnt,I frocked up in my vintage floral  Kaftan (or is it a mumu?) dress

 That I found earlier this week.(remember I mentioned it?) Just look at those sleeves.
 I love it thiiiisssss much.
Isnt it loverly?

I even made the headwear to match 

 The dress was $7 and has a matching black petticoat.The brand label is on both items and says ....Kenwall Fractional Fitting to fit 14 and1/2 (weird measurment that) and another tag says An Alcorso Fabric.

 I made the headband using Vintage Vixens (cluey lady that) method of cutting the top of some panty hose and glueing on flowers.

 Make sure you fit the band around a bowl or mannequin head so its stretched then glue your heart out.

Now let me show you what I got today....

This awesome Leather bag its a lovely soft leather  inside and out.Was only $2.50 Do I need another bag?Really?Do I? Well you may not think so if you have been a witness to my bags, for the ones who havent met them yet go see HERE .This one I will use alot as it has a wonderful long strap.I think its 70s maybe early 80s with metal zippers.
 Zipped pocket on the back as well.I think its my new love for this week.
The panda bag I couldnt resist .Its my new  take with me anywhere craft bag my other lovely bag that Ivy Black Chat sent me is now my laptop bag it fits perfectly.

A pair of  lovely little all leather summer shoes -$2 for those dont want to wear heels days.They look much better than in this pic even LL liked them and that says something.(new readers LL or lovely Laura  is my 2nd daughter she is 23)
 Some awesome knitting books.If your a knitter you know how much they cost new these were between 10-50c each.Some new some vintage.
I also got a couple of dresses cheap as .One is a 70s one so cant show you yet.
and a 70s Charlottes Web and a 1947 edition Bambis Children book.Both 50c each.(no pics I forgot)
and this 70s velvet cushion cover and 2 pillowcases- (I think) made from barkcloth.I think all from same home as they were all in one spot.

and lastly I am channelling our lovely Kylie with this teatowel ..actually there are 2 the same 30c each.
 Thats all folks.Frock on!!

Nelly xxx


Lyndel said...

cute frock, I used to sew some like that in the 1970s.. cut a head hole, bind, add a button, sew up to the armhole on each side... finished.
Loved them, and so quick to make on a Sat.arvo for a Sat night date!!♥ oh those were the days.
Love the headpiece too.
knitting patterns are always good.. I see a handbag one in there, bet you could whip up a cute handbag in a day!

Kimmie said...

Gorgeous Nelly!
Love your nail polish also :]

mitziscollectibles said...

Frock on, indeed! You have the personality and looks to pull off any outfit, Nelly!

karlyn Jackson said...

1947 omg, my mum was born that year.....what a beautiful old the kaftan, now you need to jump on a plane to Vanutau ok. the nail polish is pretty nice too!

Scarlett said...

Fabulous Nelly, you look like an hawaiian goddess :o) Wow you got some great bits, you always have the best bargain hunting luck :o) Scarlett x

Mary ♥ Mur said...

Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?

VintageSweetheart said...

Amazing sleeves! A lovely frock for frock on a friday!

Good finds too!

E :)

Krista said...

Oh Nelly this dress is gorgeous on you and I love your flower headband. I too made one after reading what Vix suggested. You are the same color as your beautiful purple sofa...YUM!!!!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

This has to be one of my fave dresses on you that you have shown us. You look super cute in it and it is lovely & I like your nails too.
Those barkcloth pillow cases look AWSOME.
The panda bag is so sweet.
I would have been mad if I found that tea towel. Because I have been on the hunt for a 1981 and I always find 83's and 82's! LOLOne day... one day.
Also about the headband I saw vixes tutorial and loved it. I WANTED to make one so bad then forgot. Thank you for the reminder I will get some stuff for one today as I get to go to a couple thrifts! *yea YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH* lol
I gotta tell ya Nelly I woke up this morning took my curlers out.. I look like a Old fashion Judge. BWHAHAHAHAHAH You will see when I post my FOF. I am just going to start on my makeup. Right now I am energizing with some coffee!
Have a lovely day.


For a brief moment, I thought Vix had hi-jacked your blog!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Fabulous darling! Love your accessorising and also the very funky zipped leather shoes. Not surprised LL likes them x

Nick said...

Re LGB, I read somewhere that unless they are pristine and first editions, the Australian LGB aren't worth much. (It was on the official site I think and it was a forum...they were pretty hoity toity)
My fav of your haul is the cushion cover with New Guinea included on it.
Oh dear, that head piece ranges between Kath and Kim and Sal Kerrigan's wonderful craft moments on The Castle! I can't decide!

Betsy said...

That's a fabulous, colorful frock!! Looks like you had tons of luck with your other treasures too.

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Love the dress - the sleeves are brilliant. But most of all I just adore your headband. It is sooo clever and pretty!