Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am turning into a poser too

Yep I have the POSING  bug.Who woulda thunk when I started my blog that this 40 something granny (nearer to 50 these days tho gulp!) would be posing in them too? You can blame the girls for that.By the girls I mean the Foxy Vixen,Hot Helga, Scrumptious Sarah ,our infamous Darling  Divine Desiree , the Ravishing Reva, and our Lovely Kitty 

Yep I blame them and  just like blogging and opshopping its addictive.And I am now becoming a poser now too and maybe liking  it a teeny bit.lol (BTW I used to hate having pics taken EVER!! so if I can do it so can YOU!! (uncle Sam  finger is pointed at you) I need lots more practice to get anywhere  near the great poses that the above girls get tho.
So you want proof I am getting to be a poser I spose??Well ok then....

Yere smile for the people Nelly
 A come hither look?? ha ha
 Posing ok but ....
Opped dress and boots and bracelet (oh and tights see pic  below)
  that was after I nearly fell off the seat (only showing this coz I had tights on lol) So freaking glamorous me!!
 Whats that about  working with animals and children? Oh dont do it?? I get ya!
 My opshopped leather jacket $2
 Now Darling Vix has some amazing things in her wardrobe (if you havn;t met her yet you must!) Today she was sporting 2 wonderul outfits but the kimino is what made me decide to show one of mine.(I also have a new fancy dress one ) This one is not in the best state and I am wondering if anyone can age it for me, as in tell me what era it may have been from?It does have a small label that says Japan on it  is it 60s? .I bought this one with the fancy dress items it is very faded and has small rust stains and tiny holes in the lining.I did wash it carefully (by hand) and lots of the stains came out.I will keep it only for the vintage side of it  but I think it may get hung up somewhere.Thoughts???

Ta da

Close up of gold embroidery ist much shinier than this shows
 The blue lining.
 Also thru the excitemnet of showing of my birdie items yesterday ( and I dunno where the egg will go I just liked it lots ) and distraction of grandkids doing this
 Mess is what got me distracted grrr but least they werent fighting which is rare

 so I  forgot to show my steam engine drivers hat (well thats what it reminds me of )
 2 vintage 70s books 2 heart tins and a
 kodak slide box .It even has listed what used to be in there.What will I do with it?I have no clue I just liked it and I know it will have a use eventually (hoarder ? Me ?)

  $62 worth of mags most from June /July for $2 I never buy new mags do you?Oh unless its about vintage and flea markets then I will but havnt seen any lately have you?The Glamour one is from UK.

 and my posy pic of new glasses (which I have had for awhile but decided to get bifocaled when I had money to spare) any way they are going back as one lens is super blurry I checked with both eyes and there is no way I will get used to them.Can see perfectly from right lens.What ya think?oh and they are green.
Anyone got some botox handy see why I dont do closeups lol

 now for todays outfit.Opped Leather Jacket, opped dress tho not vintage I liked the pattern and while not that cheap as most I buy, it was brand new with tag so I got it and wore it today thinking it will be as warm as it has been. Well darling O.S lovelies it is sunny but there is a icelandic, cyclonic wind blowing oustide maybe I jinxed the weather?Hope its warm over yonder by now.
Well thats it for me I have spent all day posing and posting so now I better go do something else bath tub scrub??? or knitting  or having a nanny nap hmmm the dilemma!
Nelly xxx


Kitty said...

Oh Nelly you are so funny, we really must meet up one day! How long do you think it takes me to do an outfit post, btw?? I can tell you, about 3 hours, by the time I put all the makeup on, get the lighting right and get VB distracted. Good to see you're getting in to it!!

Kimmie said...

Ya make me laff :]

ladychiara said...

Nelly it always brings a smile to my face when I visit your blog! Glad you are having fun 'posing' and oooh la la viva the mature woman LOL!(pssst I'm almost at the big 5-0 too but don't tell)
Loving the glamour lady on your wall too and it's great to see the kids having fun! :)

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, you go girl. Love the kimono. The kids sure look as though they are having super fun. My kids not so much as they started back at school yesterday..haha. Be good, T

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yay for posing Nelly! c'mon you're a born poser just like me;)). I love the little blondie helper in the background and wow the striped cat is amazing!! Big up that posing girl! xoxoxo

Vintage Coconut said...

*Love the come hither look* hehehe
Your kimono is Gorgeous and I love your top pic in it. You look like one saucy vixen!

So do you wear contacts usually Nelly?
Your glasses look nice too bad about the one lense being blurry.

Ahhh botox shmotox don't put that junk in your face.. or you will look like a cement statue Nelly *lol* We don't want that!

delia hornbook said...

aaaawwww bless you. You warm my heart you are such a sweet lady. Can just imagaine the fun you had while posing for your photo's whicg are very cute i have to say, my favourite being the come hither look ;-)) Love the photo of your grandhcildren baking ;-)) Have a great day weather still isnt great here. dee xx

simmone said...

Hubby was standing behind me as I was reading your post and he said "Nearly 50, no way!,she looks good" Darn, now I have to measure up. Love this post!

Vintage Jane said...

You always look great. Love the kimono ... and the red shoes in your last post are gorgeous. M x

Lyndel said...

you are the cutest granny/mum I know of, bet everyone thinks the kids are yours when you go out. Great Pics thanks for sharing.

Kylie said...

I admire your confidence Nelly x

Liz said...

Great post - made me smile! Love the kimono.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Gypsy and Nell said...

Your very brave, but so good at it!! I'm so not a poser unless I've had plenty of Gin & tonic!! I love the little patch work quilt I spied in the background. Thanks for your lovely comment, on the new bog, xx

Gypsy and Nell said...

BLOG!!!! I'm always doing that!

VintageSweetheart said...

Looks like you were having alot of fun even when you were falling down! I watched an episode of hoarders the other day now I have a garbage bag of clothes to donate haha.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Nelly, love you in your specs. Good on ya! Fab kimono, yes, you must hang it up on a pretty hanger and display it.

C.K.Garner said...

One can never have too many kimonos, love the one you're wearing! We won't tell anyone you nearly fell off the seat! We'll just pretend it was a high Karate kick,"Kiya!" Don't mess with Grandmama...I love the shape of the glasses, and of course, green is your color. :)

RETRO REVA said...

LOL! I won't take the blame for your narcissicism
(stupid spell-checker!) LOL!
I got the buttons on my spats and cannot WAIT to wear them and post all about you!
Right now, it is 96 degrees(heat index 110) and 86% humidity the rest of week, so i will probably be nude this week ;)
Glad I took my photos over the weekend, though usually I don't use them as I would rather go day by day.......
I always come up with a new idea I want to wear before I get to post them!
I actually did a post last year on how to pose! It is so addictive and it's kind of like being a photographer and a model all in one, plus you find out your best "sides" and ways to hide your body's less-than-fit features ;)

I have the Koala hooked on my floor lamp in the living room :) so cute!
Oh, and do u still want the big peacock?

Crafty Carol said...

love the quilt nelly the kids all look like thay were having fun, have been doing lots of craft, will put them up soon take care craftyxx

Hello Vintage said...

Great entry! I agree with Simmones Hubby, no way you look your age. If ya got it, flaunt it!

karlyn Jackson said...

I think you look great for your age Nelly, no botox needed. I love that kimono, the gold thread is stunning.

Vix said...

I love seeing you on a daily basis, Nelly. It's much more fun to see you showing off your finds, it's like visiting a mate.
That kimono is lovely. I'd say late 1950's to mid 1960's but I'd need to look at the seams and see how it was made to tell for sure. x

Krista said...

Nelly these are sweet pictures of you! You are adorable! I love seeing you just kicking it with your loot! I love all the kids, grandkids in the pictures too, what fun they must have with you!

You make me want to take some outfit posts too.

Dakota said...

What a fun post! You're one of the prettiest grannies I've ever seen, for sure! I'm envious of your lovely long black hair and all those racks of vintage I keep seeing behind ya!