Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Double the Love and the number 47

No your not seeing double I just found a 2nd red suitcase yesterday  (Bon Voyage brand)  I got the other one the day before  at same shop and for $2 again.I shall be using these as my cases when I travel anywhere.
Love them much? Yes Me do!

Nelly Love.
Pashing a Case Whatever next?
                                                          I also picked up these 3 books.
That orange is a retro tablecloth for $2

Tinka I used to have years ago was stoked to get it for 20c paper cover is a tad battered but hard cover and inside is perfect.Its from 1960 and the pics are so cute.Its a keeper!!

                                                          arent they just the cutest pics?

Then Black Beauty 1956 says With love to Heather from Auntie Gweyn? and Auntie Maimie?(hard to read) Heather where are you now? Be assured your beloved Book shall be well cared for.

 and another movie book $1 yay!!Has profile/bio's of different actors

 I do think Lee was a bit cute ( lots )and I loved him in Paint Your Wagon do you remember that movie?He sang "I was born under a Wandering Star" it became a hit much to his shock.(thats been a fav since I was little) ( links will take you to youtube)

and does anyone remember these little blocks many of us "oldies" used in the 1st few years at school? I have had these in my collection a few times and have sold past ones.Not these ones tho nup they stay this time (unless I get some with less fading) I am  the Queen of the  nostalgia hoarders! well in my home I am anyway.Oh and the marbles came in same parcel.Marbles for me?? Aww thanks will add them to the other thousand I have.

 You wanna see my marbles you say?

2 bottles full on top shelf one bottle nearly full on next one many from my mum and me when we were still allowed to play marbles at school.Arent our kids missing out on alt of fun inocent games at school these day? Now dont you ever say I have lost my marbles coz I have proof thats not true!(and yes my shelves are always messy bar for a day when its tidy every now and again.)

Oh and miss 10 and miss 8 found some footwear at the oppy They are doing well in their hunting duties

 I hope you were sitting down for this shocker I bought something NEW!! shocked you hey? Its a rare occurrence but I loved this.
 Now that was all from yesterday
I had to go to town to get those dang glasses checked and yes wrong lens was put in.Just another 2 weeks and they will be back mind you I orginally bought them about 3 months back or more and havnt used them properly yet.

                                  So you want to see todays haul?Wasn't much but here we go
                                                                 A cute  pomander
                                                            Some  blingy ding ding

"In the Navy" I have been eyeing this hat off for a few weeks now and my voices said  "get it woman" so I did.
                                           But master 2 loves it more and doesnt it suit him?

 and what I wore today.
80s  Leather Jacket another $2 bargain.(my fav opshop is closing down  for reno's for 2 weeks everything was $2 cool aye?)Its the one seen HERE during the floods.Cute 70s bag (fancy dress gear)Jeans 2nd hand from my Lovely Laura.(my 2nd daughter for new readers.)

 see this pic? reminds me so much of....
 this one from when I was 29 I may be in a fashion time warp HELP!!! thats 19 yrs jeans check,leather jacket check,black boots and bag check, hoop earings and long hair, hilarious is that?

Thats LL below me she was 4 here.

And to finish off this post I am channelling Kylie today (you must go meet her another sweetie is she)

Nelly xxx
did anyone work out what the 47 in my header was about?


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY????????????? xoxoxoxoxo

VintageSweetheart said...

Your age maybe??? I'm jealous this is the first week in a long time I haven't been opshopping. Withdrawls are setting in.

delia hornbook said...

awwww Nelly you haven't aged at all you still look gorgeous with your lovely smile. Lovely finds loving the red suitcases and those necklaces. And the black beauty book i have my mums from when she was little, such a lovely story. Im with the others is it your birthday? dee xx

Vintage Coconut said...

If it is your Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELLY!
If it's not your Birthday I think I have the answer "You want to own 47 red suitcases." MmMm I right? ;)
You be careful with how frisky you get with that suitcase he may get the wrong impression. hahah
That book Tinka looks so cute! I love how your necklaces still had all the price tags on.
You really don't look much different from your 29 yr old you pic.

Kitty said...

The photo the same as 20 years ago-hilarious in that almost ALL is the same-no-one can accuse you of changing much, thats for sure! Well not on the outside, anyway. Have to admit I'm a bit jealous of the red suitcases, I had 3 and 2 red beauty cases at the start of this year and I sold them all, annoyed with myself now so I'll be keeping the next ones.xx.

Kitty said...

P.S. I didn't even realise the 47 was clue to anything, but then I'm thick like that!

ladychiara said...

Happy Birthday Nelly...even if it isnt LOL! I am so envious of those adorable red suitcases....AND your marble collection, how awesome! Great bling and cute books.Glad you are enjoying your week. :)

Missy Vintage said...

You hardly look any different! Amazing! Love those suitcases, the pictures of you hugging it are hilarious! x

Alison said...

I'ma guessin there's a birthday on the way. Whaohoo! You haven't changed a bit, that's incredible. Ha..ha..ha

I love those cases, I have a thing for cases, must kiss mine.

I also had those blocks as a kid, they were great to make towers with. It was only recently that one of the teachers at school told me that they still use them for maths games. I never knew that was what they were for. Ow duh!

Kylie said...

Gosh you weren't joking when you said today's post was long! So much to comment on too.
Firstly, "Happy Birthday dear Nelly, Happy Birthday to You the red case(s) and the tt (of course!)...those blocks are called Rods and I can't believe I threw out my husband's from his P.S.days (I must have been way less sentimental once upon a time)...the books are great too (I've got two of those prints) xxx

p.s. felt like posing on your birthday did you??? ha-ha

Vintage Jane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... if it is!!? Lucky you, haven't aged a bit. Gorgeous girl! M x

Liz said...

Happy Birthday! You brought back memories today with those cuisenaire rods, the blocks used in school. We had them and I absolutely loved when it was time for "sums"! We used to make towers with them, starting with the 10s and working upwards! Happy days!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Lyndel said...

oh happy birthday, for whenever it is♥
love the suitcase, I got a new one this week too but its boring brown, but wait till my Flea market finds.. I have a super duper surprise!!

Vix said...

Happy Birthday! You don't look any older!
I love those red cases. x
PS I'm not far behind you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Nelly! Those red suitcases are fabulous and the pics are quite incredible - you really have hardly changed.

Sarah xxx

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

nelly! besides the marbles effect, you are totally funny. i haven't been thrifting recently, but hey presto, i done some here...! and yes, i do love the time warp. great, no?