Friday, June 17, 2011

Hanky Panky

Bunting that is.I have been making a few paper buntings

and then saw some hanky ones and I have loads of hankies (yes another collection!!) So I googled last night and saw some that didnt need any sewing which I was happy with as one I really didnt want to damage them by sewing and two I can whip one off if needed lol.
All you need is a pile of hankies of which I have many
Then you iron them to the shape you want (triangles work well)
then you knot them to each other.

You could also add hanging ribbons or flowers or whatever between or maybe join them with pretty brooches
but anyway no sewing was good for me
Now I have buntings for my stall to look pretty.And hankies to spare if needed.

Its Saturday here and we had only a 16yr old at home last night as the 5 grandies were away 3 to their Aunty (LL) Lovely Laura and 2 to their friends.Was weird and tho it was quiet I didnt like the feeling of at least one not being home.Am I weird?Anyway 3 came back early as they drove LL crazy with their dobbing on each other and fighting (welcome to my world) lol and one has the flu so things are back to normal.
I cant get creative today am feeling lazy and the sun is so nice to sit in.So will sit here and catch up on all the lovely blogs I follow.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Nelly xxx

Ps check out Nicks Blog at Collecting Feathers she has the cutest brooches and necklaces Here for sale


Lyndel said...

the hankies look good. I'm getting ready for a Market day next Sunday. Bought myself a folding table, cut out a cloth thought... 5 mins I'll hem it on the machine, finished.....WRONG!! Darn sewing m'/c decided to die on me..grrrrr.. anyhow all finished now, table cloth fits table, now I'm off (after another coffee) to start pricing sorting that stock out!!♥

Kylie said...

I love that hanky easy and reversible when you don't want bunting anymore! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend Nelly, enjoy the sunshine x

ladychiara said...

Oh Nelly I love the hanky bunting! No sewing is great for me. I have a great sewing machine and it hates me! I need sewing lessons. The bunting looks fabulous. You have some lovely old hankies there. LOL re the grandies. Have a great weekend.xx

delia hornbook said...

awww loving the hankies bunting what a cute idea ;-) I know what you mean when one of the children is away. My eldest went to sleep at his friends last night its the first time he has left the house in 3 weeks due to him being unwell and i didn't sleep well at all. It like someone is missing and although i am over the moon he he has gone i still miss him. Right i have rambled on enough. Enjoy the sunshine please send it over to me ;-))dee x

A Treasured Past said...

Hiya, the buntings look great!Heheheh..the dobbing, so funny. We did indeed go treasure hunting this morning..found a few goodies which I will post soon. Hope you enjoy your Sunday, T x


I reckon even I could do this, great idea!

Scarlett said...

This is such a great idea! Im now off in search of vintage hankies on my travels now :o) Scarlett x

vintage mum said...

What a great idea, now where did I put those hankies.
Cate x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

What an excellent idea for the hankies! Get the crafty grandies into them - that'll keep 'em quite for five minutes:)). Enjoy the sunshine love:)) xo