Thursday, June 16, 2011

B.O Vent plus and some new things that made me smile.

Just need to vent and ask why do people think its ok to let everyone else smell their underam B.O?Seriously is it just Aussies that are that lazy cant they smell themselves?Just a quick squirt of the B.O killer people thats all you have to do! I am always going off at my youngest son and he takes note and LLs male roomy who doesnt care.
I hate, hate, hate it when I am happily shopping and someone walks in (mostly women) and I have to wiff  the pong  till I leave am I a prude or do you hate it too?Maybe I need to pass out B.O killer samples? Na I dont want to get slugged.
And while I am on the vent  I hate seeing woman not care what they look like. I hate trying to work out if it is a woman or a man!! Come on ladies self respect really.Maybe its why some men dont show respect back? And dont get me started on women wearing baseball caps when they arent at a sports events!! Or tight tshirts and tights/pants over bodies that need a bit more camoflague that what is being allowed.Ouch!!Women need to bring the glam back even when running to shops (yes I know we all slop around sometimes but!!)I saw a young woman  in her jammies and slippers one day at near midday! What tha?
Ok vent over hope I didnt offend anyone but I cant abide the above and its getting worse as I age Grumpy Old Lady syndrome? Yere most like lol.

So here are my goodies from today (seeing as I have to pass 2 oppies as I go to town I can't not stop!)

Fish earings
 70s rock charm bracelet Silver stamped.
 Cute Black Rose
 Longest nightshirt ever just Like Uncle Scrooges,(for the dress up box)
 Tin box with GREEEEN stones yay me
 Free boots they were $5 fitted perfet (which is rare) went to take off and sole came off. Got them free and I  needed to buy shoe glue anyway for kids shoes.
 Red Bowler faux felt but I couldnt leave it and a sequined top when I glam up

And what made me really smile were these 3 little girl vintage petticoats woo hoo

Close up

All lace

How lucky was I? All were  in the dress up section I bet from same place as the collars of yesterday

And thats all folks back to bunting now Thank goodness I have a month to get organised for the fete.

Nelly xxx


A Treasured Past said...

Great finds Nelly.

I know why can't people wear deod?? blimey, and don't worry, people wear their pj's shopping around here too! But I do live near struggle town..can't say the name or I might get knifed..hahaha

A Treasured Past said...

Oh, they are just gor-ge-ous!!!!! T x

Anonymous said...

Gosh dont even get me started, i wont shut up about this subject. I wrote something similar about the same thing!
Im the extreme opposite, 2 showers morn.,night. Deodorant with a certain amount of strokes for each pit (giggle)perfume,same thing,probably Too many squirts,even wear perfume in bed but not as many squirts. When im sick i still make sure to not look like it.
Like the box thing the best

Vintage Coconut said...

I always run into B.O. people in thrift stores!!! Well heck maybe they are everywhere I am just in thrift stores so much thats where I happen across them. I just try to keep myself a few isles away from them so people don't think it's me!! ROFL! *SERIOUSLY*

Now the ball cap thing... EVERY so often I will huck a cap on IF my hair is crappy or not working right. But I still do my makeup and make sure I look feminine. As feminine as I can in a cap anyways... I also do this on some garage sale days so I don't sunburn my scalp part! GOD I hate that!

Anyhow great finds Nelly! I am lovin that rose necklace and those little girl petticoats are just precious.
When I have a little munchkin, and if its a girl.. I wouldn't care if she wanted to wear princess clothes 80% of the time!! TUTU'S tights and mary janes! hahah

delia hornbook said...

Hi Nelly, ;-)) What a post its good to get things of our chests ;-) I am pretty lucky living with i am in England. The girls never smell of BO we are pretty dam hot on that issue i think. The older men sometimes do i don't think they washed as much in their generation and they don't very often use deodorant. But it is a horrible smell i agree with you. Great finds, love the rose necklace and that pretty lace, have a great weekend, dee x

Vintage Sunday said...

What lovely little petticoats and jewellery! Yes, it would be nice if people took a little more care with their personal hygiene ~ it's such a basic thing, isn't it! Love Brenda

Kylie said...

I hear you Nelly re pongy people, but I also hate the smell of too much perfume...sometimes you can smell the perfume before you even see the person and it can be a bit overwhelming...I think so anyway. Those little white petticoats are lovely, lovely x

Lyndel said...

love the petticoats. and the metal boxes?.. show us more. I did a few shops today, not a lot to show.. raining and cold now, so I'll do photos later, tomorrow.

Scarlett said...

hahaha, i have been in a few charity shops here where by the male shop staff have stunk to high heavens, makes me retch. Ive also been unlucky enough to have been near some old women who has a distint urine smell - no bargain is worth me standing near the 'wee lady' for too long ;o) You found some amazing stuff! Scarlett x

Lyndel said...

oh I see now, Nelly its a box (with lid)... lovely.. reminds me of Liberty of London pewter.♥

Liz said...

Love the little petticoats and the bracelet. Yes - just last week I had to leave a charity shop because of the smell of one of the other customers! Most people here are ok though - but you are right - there's no excuse!

ladychiara said...

Love those petticoats Nelly! The BO thing annoys me too. I'm always at my teenage son, having Aspergers means he just doesn't get it.Sometimes I wonder if some people use deoderant and it isn't working? Actually you need to use an anti perspirant to stop the sweating. BO is the stale sweat. All deoderants do is mask the smell.

Max said...

Oh I adore those petticotes, utter loveliness! I used to do a dance class which I loved, but we had to constantly swap partners and there was a guy there who stank so bad, EVERY week! I had to do breathing exercises to avoid dry retching and I quit in the end!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I have an acute sense of smell (!) so yes, bad smells - yikes - not good. As for baseball caps, not keen, unless your're a child. And as for baseball caps worn back to front or at a stupid jaunty angle - what's that about?

Love the rock bracelet and the petticoats. Blimey, I remember being made to wear petticoats similar to those!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Gorgeous petticoats and bracelet although I can imagine breaking my wine glass wearing something with rocks dangling off it!

I used to have to sit near a man at my old job who never changed his clothes - it was truly revolting. And there is the odd 'pyjama mama' round here - I don't get it, cos they usually have make up on!

Crafty Carol said...

nelly love the little girls slips, I am now going to call you hawk eye, you just seem to find things that no one else every sees love your finds, how is your selling going

Hello Vintage said...

I'm not sure what is worse BO or walking into a strangers fart (sorry can't think of a better word right now). The other day I was in Target and got into the lift as a couple came out - they had left me one in there for me. Nice.
BTW - really like the fish earrings and the petticoats. Mum used to have some that we would dress up in (from when she was a girl).

Vix said...

There's no excuse for anyone with a roof over their heads to be dirty and unkempt. I agree with Kylie, I think artifical perfume smells are just as sickly and offensive as BO is.
The fish earrings are fab and the rock bracelet would match my 1970's rock rings a treat. I remember making one of those when I was a kid. xxx

Jem said...

Can't tell you how much I'm totally with you!! I hate smelling someone else's sweat because they didn't shower and put on deodrant that morning! Surely it's just basic hygeine?

Jem xXx


I have such a very strong stomach but stale body odour, foul breath, cigarette smoke and the like make me feel ill. There is no excuse for poor hygiene and I don't understand how some people get to smell so rancid. My mum once told a colleague after dropping hints for weeks, buying her toiletries, offering deodorant etc. She actually thanked her!
Lovely crisp white cotton you found there, crying out for some yellow sweat stains!

theoldboathouse said...

I must say I do agree with the BO thing but have found here in brissie it is the blokes. There is nothing worse than trying to shop and there is that one person you have to try and avoid...and what is it with the smell that it lingers in the aisle even after they have moved on...I then get paranoid that some one will think it is me ha. but I am guilty of looking like crap most of the time ha, I would like to make more effort but really am very lazy ha. Love your finds xx Katherine

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I find the BO thing is worse in cooler weather here in Qld. People don't seem to realise their bodies are still metabolising even in winter. Worse when people are wearing unnatural fibres - pong!! My vent today is over the cock head down the street who used a petrol-powered gardening tool at 9am on a Sunday. Get a life!! Whew, that feels better, thanks love, adoring the lace pettis:)) xoxoxoxo