Monday, April 11, 2011

Ouch and YAY

Ouch was coz I had to have a cathetar put in today with an IVP fluid so they can see what my kidney stone is doing apparently its stuck in an Sbend in my  pipe works and is about 6mm big.Thing is doesnt even hurt which surprised the DR.
For new followers I had a kidney stone attack back in January or Feb  (I cant remember) but it  was very, very painful. Anyway if you have never had this type of injection its really weird (lucky I was warned 1st) after a few minutes of fluid going in you get this hot burning weird taste at back of throat then hot in the belly at the same time as it feels like you wet yourself lol was awful had to have it put thru me 2 times and the 2nd lot that went in hurt as extra is put in OUCH It had  better be worth it.Next stop will be an op.

Anyway hubby and I then did groceries together ( a rare thing its usually one or the other) but since one car needed an operation we both did it today.Master 2 had a ride

Now for the YAY
On the way home I got hubby to stop at the guessed ...opshop and looky what I got.
Its a 1980s Victorian style wedding dress (a popular style  then) is home made with  plastic zipper and  really well sewn about a size 10 so wont fit me
And another adopted family for $1 this was done in Aukland..For new followers I have this thing about rescuing lost family pics that have been dumped at opshops  and adopting them (I must find them some names now any thoughts) you can see my last couple at an old post HERE

But coz pic was so small here they are again.....

I named them Uncle Ray and Aunty Irene isnt it a beautiful picture Id love that dress.

Am off to see what you all bought
Hope you find something mighty awesome this week


Vintage Sunday said...

So sorry to hear about your kidney stones Nelly ~ poor thing ~ must be so painful! Oh yes, I love to rescue old family photos too ~ I have a whole bunch of them in the attic, and like to think up names for them too :-)! I love the dress on the dear lady in the last photo too - so feminine and beautiful! Love Brenda

Misfits Vintage said...

HOLY CRAP That sounds bloody awful Nelly! Hope it comes out painlessly and quickly. You poor thing!

OK - pretty sure that trio are Frank, Leslie and Lester.

Get well soon!

Sarah xxx

theoldboathouse said...

hope your feeling well again soon Nelly. Family pics always make me feel a bit sad. i have a friend who is an antique dealer too, but she is in her 60;s and she told me she found a baby picture of herself in an op shop recently...I know very strange but true, she is trying to find out how it might have got there. cheers Katherine

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ouch indeed! I had my first experience with a catheter two years ago and jeez it bloody stung like crazy!! I really hope things go well for you until your op. Yes, we're lucky we didn't get cancelled on the day - thanks for your kind words sweetie. Awwwww I love that you collect neglected old photos - I have a couple - most people think it's weird but I like to make up stories about them. Ray and Irene are awesome:)). xoxo

Helga! said...

O,sweetheart,a kidney stone!! Amazing that you haven't been in pain! I hope they zap that puppy for you!!!
Good score,though!Fabulous wedding frock!And I love how you are collecting "new" family members!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ouch, poor you. Hope you're all better soon. Auntie Irene's dress is gorgeous - love the elegant gloves. What is going on in that new family pic you found? Is the mum really tiny? Or is that a very adult looking little girl? Am confused!

Nelly said...

@Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

I am pretty sure its the mum coz of outfit and dress and I think its the way I took the pic trying to avoid the flash on it is why she looks odd.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Ouch with the kidney stones - well done for being brave and getting through the tests, i always think they should still give those 'Ive been brave' stickers out even to adults when we go through yucky test and there should be a huge 'ive been brave' sticker for giveing birth lol. The photos are amazing, love your adpoted family - my mum us the same and always buys olf family photos. Reminds me of the film 'The Switch' whereby the little boy collects photo frames and names the people on printed pictures that come with them. Sweet film if you havent seen it. Scarlett x

PennI said...

Oh Nelly Love, you really have had a tough day! A trip to the op shop is always a good "pick-me-up"! ...and you still found the time to comment on my Blog! Thank you so much! What a Sweetie you are! Hope you feeling better. Rest and take care

Penni x

ladychiara said...

Oh Nelly I am glad your kidney stone is not causing you pain at this time. I hope the treatment works and you can avoid surgery. My partner had bad ones a couple years ago and was in agony until his eventual surgery. He passed some but eventually had a large one that just would not budge.
Gorgeous wedding dresses and I absolutely love the old photos. Wishing you a sunshiny week. :)

Scarlett Fontaine said...

You have an award from me! Scarlett x

delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear your having problems with Kidney stones but be so uncomfortable for you. Wow you must have 100's of dresses by now what will you do with them all? dee x

Nelly said...

@delia hornbook Dear Delia not in pain at all Thankgoodness after last episode Drs are surprised.Many dresses will be going into me soon to be shop and others will never leave my collection.Some I may hire out eventually will see.

Nelly said...

@Scarlett Fontaine Dear Scarlett how sweet of you what do I do? I better go see your post and see Thanks so much always wanted to get one.