Saturday, April 2, 2011

My First Bunting plus an Owl, a purse, a hat and me.

Look I finally made my 1st bunting,What took me the longest is trying to get the template size right so I didnt lose much of the picture.Now I have new ink in my printer I am going to photocopy the picture 1st then cut that as a template so I can get it exactly right.
And Miss 10 made a mini one too.

Was fun and inexpensive to make the book was cheap and the binding was in a bag of lace I bought I glued mine after much thought but some sew theirs like the lovely ones Nick makes.

My Gorgeous owl pendant waiting at the opshop for me.Dunno why he hadnt been nabbed but am glad he wasnt.

A vintage hat come Genie Turban modelled by Miss 8
Can't find info on the brand.
Vintage purse also waiting for me
Rhinestones in clips and a stain inside Any tips on removal?

I grabbed this cape ($2) for my dress ups,truly I didnt even notice Master 2 crying there,he looks like he is begging and I look evil mwahhahhhahh


VildesVerden said...

The last picture is so funny!
Happy weekend wishes from Norway

ladychiara said...

The bunting is so cute Nelly! Any ideas what the stain in that lovely bag might be? If it looks a little greasy (make up perhaps?) talcum powder to absorb it might help some or some bicarb soda. I don't think they would do any damage either, just be gentle.Love your owl necklace, I have collected several over the years.

jamila said...

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Scarlett Fontaine said...

Great finds, loving that owl pendant esp! The bunting looks amazing, will have to give this a go :o) Scarlett x

Anonymous said...

I like the bunting! So many options with those. Ahahaha, the cape does make the pic, you can almost see Master 2 saying ala Oliver, "Please Sir/Madame, may I have some more?" To which villain in black cape would surely thunder, "Moooorreee!?" Dunno how to get stain off purse. I used to accomplish a lot with lemon juice, salt and sunshine, but I don't know how that would affect material in this case.
Anyhoo, hope your day is lovely, I am for sleep! G'Night Aussie Friend! TWN

Lyndel said...

hi Nelly, I don't know who Claire was but the BLOCK COURT Melbourne, was a side arcade to the Block Arcade, a very fashionable Arcade in the center of Melbourne.

Misfits Vintage said...

That last pic is hilarious! You're like Cruella Deville and he's BEGGING you not to make a coat from the puppies!!!

Sarah xxx

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Morning Nelly....!

I hope this note finds you having enjoyed a SPECTACULAR weekend Lovey....!

I'm LOVIN' your Treasures....ESPECIALLY the hat & the owl....And your bunting is GORGEOUS....The fabric you've used is ADORABLE....!!

THANKS so much for your recent comment....I'm HEAD OVER HEELS for Magnolia Pearl clothing....I wish it was readily available here in Oz....!

Have a WONDERFUL week,
Tamarah :o)

craftycarol said...

hi nelly love your finds, the hat is a sixties one, and the evening purse use eucaliptus oil
leave for 2 hrs than sponge, with soapy water
sometimes u have to repeat it a couple of times
the paper bunting looks great, good to do with the kids, love it


Anonymous said...
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Nelly said...

@Shabby Vintage Junk oops you may have got a reply by David that was me didnt realise son was still logged in.
Just in case you didnt get reply this is what I said....
At least we can get ideas from the drool worthy Magnolia Pearl. I have some swishing around just time is not on my side.Need to find a like minded person nearby to work with. and the bunting is from an old story book.

duchess_declutter said...

Love your cape SuperNelly - and the hat.

Anonymous said...

oh the buntings are adorable! what a fabulous idea. Some wonderful treasures you have found, I LOVE the genie hat

Vintage Coconut said...

I love that turban hat!! I would wear it and pretend I was from Aladin! LOL