Thursday, March 31, 2011

I had my Fix

Yes I did,I feel better now I took off  yesterday instead of doing what I should have been doing around the house (boring that) The Captain is an A-B person so no stopping anywhere on the way home from the Brisbane trip so was really needing a good hit and I wasnt dissapointed bought something at most I went to.

So here is my yesterday opshop fix......Plastic train candle holder for cakes Yellow macrame owl (who wants it?) A few vintage ornaments The cowboy cat is 80s I think.Teaspoons from Thailand.And the cane table too.
Hope this isnt rude and hope someone can enlighten me on what it says.
The other side of the little Jug
Vintage beauty case mottled yellow perfect inside Has no mirror tho not sure if it ever did.
Ugly dolls WHY FOR? Coz I want to take  the cowboy boots off  she was only $1 and the other one was just too cugly (cute ugly) not to pay 50c for.Oh and more knitting needles who can resist?
Bags of lace and wool (yes I know not more wool!!)

Enid Blyton paper back books and a 1966 Black Beauty with some lovely colour plates inside.Roald Dahl for Miss 10
Little birds for???
A gorgeous lot of glassware and was all half price.Love the stand was stoked when she said it was half price.The bottles are an idea from an inspirational post byVintage Vixen  Lovely Laura saw VVs post and has one in her bathroom too I just  need the bathroom to go with them now.Another teapot for Miss4.5.
 I also got this Fan for free was at the front door and as it hadnt been tested she said I could take it But I had to  be careful when I switch it on I said Id get The Captain to do it may tell him to wear his rubber thongs (flipflops) lol

Forever New shoes $8 original tag $99 and they are my size Has a furry fabric on them

See how cute are they?

Oh look more wool what tha?There were all these little bags full of vintage lace and other bits 3 in all guess who grabbed them all?A little Avon potpourri holder have 2 like that nowA tartan cap for Miss 8. An anchor thermometr for Master 6 and a lovely long knitted scarf left side.

 A closer look at my bags of lace

Can anyone tell me what these pencil looking things are for I though they were pencils at 1st and meant to go thru all my stuff but ladies had bagged everything before I was fready  and I forgot they were in there.,All it says is made in China.They are tightly rolled heavy paper.One looked like it had black lead but wasnt.

An Ed Hardy  bag for Miss 10 Had never heard of him before but it looked like it may be an expensive brand   and I just googled and was right yay.
A wooden dog pull toy nabbed by Master 2 (my shed is so embarressing.)
I Love Enid Blyton and had this book when younger and I am sure I had that Walt Disney book too.Its an oldie with great pics and I will not be Bunting it.
A great 80s outfit for $2
The back has flouncing
And is a Studibaker Hawk Brand,Sadly too small for me so will be going into my ebay shop when I get it started again.
Been tempted to buy this 80s dress for awhile decided to do it today as it was onl;y $2 I have a lovely collection of 80s dresses I am yet to wash and show off share.
This awesome 3 piece mens pinstriped suit.Most likely off to my shop as no man in my family will wear vests (I love seeing a man in a vest) Plus its way to small for the men in my tribe.
Cant find info on the brand its in excellent condition.
A black pant suit by Aztec Rose slightly too small for me boo hoo tho I actually wont wear pants suits as its too hard to have a quick  loo break lol
and lastly a floral dress again slightly too small has original tags reduced from $59 - $25 I got it for $2.Selling it.Not usually my style but something grabbed me

And thats it for my fix for yesterday  and this is what I have been doing today
Washing (boring aye)

These are some of my vintage chinese dresses all freshly laundered

and lots more to wash yet.

How many of you read this whole post? Was back to my mega ones.

Till next time happy hunting and creative crafting I will be back soon.

Oh and have a wonderful holiday Vix,Helga and Sarah


Kitty said...

Nelly I always read the whole post! Your blog isn't the easiest to read but I do read it anyway, it's always fun to see what is treasure to another. You have a lovely enthusiasm which I find very positive and quite infectious. Suss out that Studibaker dress, apparently the 80s ones can be worth big $$, you could be sitting on a great score there.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

wooooooooooo!!!! I talk about cleaning up - how many fabulous finds!!!! I am in awe of your finds, i would have them all in a second. The ed hardy bag was a great find as yup they are expensive and of course a bit of glass wear and im there - love it! Scarlett x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Your jug translated means "Big Bottoms are the best!"

Oh no, hang on..."Greetings from the Odenwald" (mountains area). Sorry - couldn't resist! It is April Fool's Day here (not sure if you have that in Australia?)

Love your red 80s dress and those cheongsams - gorgeous! Love love love. I used to have one but my darling little sister ripped it years ago.

I need to get out treasure hunting but have been feeling rough the last few days. Thanks for following my blog!

The Widow Next said...

"Breasts from the Underworld" or in my case "Boobs for the Underwire"Lol! Nearest translation is "Dug from the Odenwald", I think. The area of Odenwald Germany is known for their pottery...looks like someone had a visit! Chinese dresses are gorgeous! Dunno about the H.I.S. brand, did a bit of searching...nada.

Good to hear things are clipping along again.
The Widow Next

delia hornbook said...

Wow far to much for me to comment on so just the things i remember ;-)) Love the little beauty box and the black beauty book i used to love that when i was younger. And what a gorgeous glass cake stand to. You did really well, have a great weekend, dee x

vintage mum said...

Wow what a day you had and yes I made it to the end :) like the glass I bought a little pink jug today
I really
The paper pencils are for using with charcoal they blend in the hard edges.

Cate x

Nelly said...

@Kitty Thanks Kitty have looked at the Studibaker sites but havnt found much yet.

Nelly said...

@Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]
Ha ha Lakota yes we have April fools but you missed me by a day.I have a few other cheongsams.Hope you find one soon

Nelly said...

@vintage mum Thanks for solving the paper pencil question I was wondering.Will have to pass on to some artists methinks.

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