Sunday, November 7, 2010

Those old sneeze catchers

Once upon a time before there was anything known as a tissue no-one left the house without a piece of fabric better known as a Handkerchief or hanky.I must admit tissues are really more sanitary and we dont have to iron them but hankies are much prettier and are becoming a collectors item.The ones that are mostly collected are ones with patterns on them and are made using prints from artists such as Grouse,Tammis Okeefe and Jeanne Miller to name a few.
BTW-Tissues were created in 1924 to remove makeup but then started to be used for the noses.
The hankies popular use took alot longer to leave and I know there are still many who still use theirs today(my hubby for one but his arent pretty) but they are not used like they used to be.

This is a lovely site that may be of interest to you Hanky Bouquet

Does anyone remember how we used to (I am showing my age here) recieve hankies in birthday cards or just hankies as gifts from granny?I wish I still had all my old ones.
Hence my newest collection is hankies.

I have been buying a few pretty ones over the last few months a few before I realised others were even collecting them and then found a heap in one of my boxes that I had bought at a stall a couple of years ago for only $1 including the lovely vintage cloth hanky storage bag.
Today I found a stash of them at one of the local opshops for only 5cents each woohoo so I decided what a great post this would make.
These 2 pics below are what I found today a couple are silk and see the lace ones?I adore the 2nd one with all the emrpidery.I thought it was too nice for a hanky maybe it was for decoration?

The next is ones I bought ages ago from that stall the bag they are in has the word Nighties embroidered into the lace so that was its original purpose.

These ones have names of the artist on some and also belong in that bag.Quite a few are silk ones.Italian and Swiss made.

The following 2 are lovely printed ones.

I especially LOVE this last one which I picked up for 25c a few months back.She reminds me if an art deco print but I think it most likely is from the 70s.

I think I may have others packed away so will add them when I find them

In the mean time
Happy Hankie Hunting

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