Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Drought May Be Over

After a few weeks of what I shall call a vintage drought I think there may be a sprinkling of relief to this parched soul.Not that I havent already got heaps of vintage to play with mind you.I am sure you know how it is ...the need to find something exciting and historicaly aged is always in our hopes and there is nothing like that feeling you get after an exciting find, you know what I mean dont you?

It has been kinda depressing going to my opshops and coming out with nothing... BUT then today I was able to find a few things (sadly no items of clothing tho) I got this cute vintage 60s (I think) vanity case(works well).Needs a clean and I couldnt resist it.I found it at the bottom and towards the back of a shelf (someone may have been trying to hide it for later oops lol) its mine now tho.

I missed out on a really cool one (I think it may have been leather darn it)a month back it was when I didnt have enough cash and they dont hold things when I went back next day it was gone.Oh well wasnt meant to be mine.

At the same shop today I got this cute vintage brooch has fine metal mesh leaves and a very old closure back.I love it.

Also found this 60s bag .I have a few like this in black/navy/brown and one navy and white but none in plain white.Was very happy with it as this shop rarely has them and often overcharges but this was only $3.

Then I found this awesome book called Womans World published in Melbourne It is late 50s early 60s I think.Has no publishing date tho the pics are of that era.Its really thick 608 pages and has chapters like Beauty,Fashion, Cooking and another funny one as its about wait for it ..... Catching a man then going steady then getting married etc lol and the list goes on.I will Youtube this one at a later date as it really is quite cute and a keeper and was only $2 woo hoo.
Even has an old library book mark with advertisements on it.I lke getting old books and often pick up ones about old movies.(will show them at a later post)

This is one of the awesome pics inside isnt she gorgeous

At another opshop I found thse old earings the black and white ones were made in Italy and the others have an art deco look to them will see if they are bakelite or not.(I will let you know later) I wont be wearing them as earings but they would make really cute dress clips.

A few weeks ago I found this hat and this hat box (cant have enough hat boxes) the hat is a navy colour with a lovely rose.The hat elastic is broken but thats an easy repair.

I have been on the hunt for some summer dresses and have been able to find a few nice ones but they arent vintage tho one has a vintage style to it I do love my opshops as they do save alot of $$$ and am doing my bit for a greener world by recycling.Which reminds me of this awesome magazine I picked up at the op shiop the other day called Boho its an American magazine and this one is from 2008 its all made using recycled paper and has a heap of Green ideas inside.I have subscribed to the digital as sadly they dont send to Australia at this stage.Its a gorgeous magazine and I hope top find more of them eventually.

So am feeling way better I still have to go thru the rest of my things and do a heap of youtube videos which will be few and far between since I am having to deal with dial up for who knows how long.I am already out of fast speed and its a long way before the 15th again (Sob)

Hope you find something yummy this week to make your day.

Ps found another new vintage ning site called Queens Of Vintage that along with my other ones are great to be in,Hope to see you there.

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