Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Treasure Trove Tuesday

Trying to get back into the bloggy groove so here are some of my treasure I purchased today.

The 1st two items were won at the Tender Centre.Not sure if you know what they are or have one but you go in and look and make a bid at or above the reserve price Fill in forms and then cross your fingers.Hubby did well last time and I got nothing,This time I put bid in and one.Mind you I bid less than what was asked jst to sticky beak at what it went for.Well they accepted my lower bid and I won this set.Does anyone have an idea on age.Must wash the brush some lovely gray haired lady must have used it for a long time ewww lucky it doesnt creep me out lol.
 This was in the glass case so I couldnt get in and have a good look I was hoping it was a Carbochen stone but turns out its just hard plastic the earings have Rochelle stamped on them but I am unable to find any info at all.Earings to hairclips I think.
 I used to own a hard copy of this and have seen them on ebay for high price and wished I had mine back wel now I do I love oppies!
 a fold out book You may not know this but I have a thing for pop up books and have a few now weird I know.

 opens into 4 rooms and even has little people and other bits 50c

 Why would I buy this ugly book well
 its another movie star book. I will not be running out of Movie Star Monday ideas for a very long time.
 Vintage buttons for those old buttonless shirts from way back when and look at the cute box.
 Buttons and earings
 Gorgeous vintage brooch come necklace LOVE.
 I couldnt resist these they were only $1 each I so dont need more but ...
 and this lovely piece is a retro funky bedspread going into Miss 11s Gypsy bedroom
 I did have a few other bits and bobs was one of the best opping days I have had in ages,
 I have been busy culling and selling items at my FB store so if your there let me know so I can add you as a friend.I have scored some great Helga (crimplene) outfits and other peices which I will add to my shop soon.

Anyway thats it for my Treasure Trove Tuesday.

Nelly xxx


Kimmie said...

Always lovely stopping by Nelly! Lots of lovely treasures!

goin-2-new-home said...

It looks like you had a treasure filled thrifting day Nelly. I am drooling over all of your FAB finds, particularly that gorgeous brooch, oh and the pop up book and and and....
What fun!! :-)

Kylie said...

Nice to see you back Nelly, I've been wondering what you've been up to...
I love "the gypsy's" new bedspread. Beautiful.

Ruth Kelly said...

Treasures everywhere. The blue earrings and necklace were fabulous.

Please may I? said...

Hi Nelly,

Gosh you have found some amazing stuff! I really don't know how you do it. I never seem to fall lucky with thrifting at the moment.

X x

Vintage Coconut said...

*EeEeppp* So many delicious goodies.
I am in love with that brush set. (It's gorgeous)
So is the jewelery (Even if it is hard plastic.)
That funky bedspread is SOOOO GROOVY I would have snatched it in seconds.

delia hornbook said...

Hi Nelly, great to see you back ;-) Great finds love the hair brush set that is so pretty. And those cups and saucers. So good to hear you are doing well, dee x

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous treasures, so pleased to have you back showing us what you've found!
Love the buttons, and the brush set, and the print on that fabric is superb! xxx

A Blessed Life said...

Hi Nelly,I think your brush set is quite old Nan had one almost the same and I saw it on her dressing table all my life and I am 63 so is imagine it is a 1910 or 1920,or something like that...probably wrong I always am lol..lovely post love all your goodies.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back my friend, you've been missed.
Great haul honey, the hairbrush set is pretty amazing.

Penny-Rose said...

Welcome back! What a fantastic op shopping. Love the bedspread and the movie book. Looking forward to seeing the crimplene on your facebook page. :-)

Frocktasia said...

Treasure Trove Tuesday indeed!
I love that funky bedspread.
Gypsy bedroom, oh, I'd like to have a wee show & tell of that ;)

Miss Peregrin said...

You always find the most interesting things in your op-shopping trips! I love all of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the pop-up dollhouse! Reminds me that I own a pop-up grammar book!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Yay your back!! I see you have been busy with your facebook shop! I love that funky bedspread and I'm a sucker for pop up books, sadly my nephews are too rough with them. xxx

country vintage clutter said...

Love your style and looks like you pick up some bargain treasures