Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who is that Woman?

 Oh its meeee. Tuesday the 21st was my 25th wedding anniversary and hubby got me my Canon Eos also known as  Rebel to O.S people SOOO happy with it.
My poor little blog has been very neglected as you may have noticed.But I have still been keeping up with my blog reading How could I not? You are all so addictive xx

So what have I been up to?
We had to travel 8 hours south again last weekend. Remember those horrid neighbours my mum had? So glad she isnt there now! Well they are still causing dramas so we went down and sis and her family took mum 12 hrs drive down (we arrived as a surprise) then Laura surprised me and arrived only a 3.5 hr trip for her tho (Laura or LL has moved down south and I hadnt seen her for weeks).So it was great catching up.I miss my Laura.

The nasty neighbour  has been at it again and managed to hunt mums renter out of the house as well.He even harrased the real estate and new potential tenant the week before with a "You cant rent that house out the sewage pipes are broken and it stinks" etc (lies they had been saying this for ages even after plumber had been in and said nope all is ok) The agent was in shock with how he carried on.He also poisened the plants down the side and his wife and her mum also an ex friend stole plants from the garden(we know all this thanks to across the road neighbours )

The day after we left the  council came coz of his whinging (the council have said they know ist all malicious) Anyhoo the council came over with trucks and town planners etc and have said that mums house has no problem,ha, which we knew.
Its more like they are smeling their own S*!!They are just a malicious couple cant believe I was her friend for years oh and get this  they even went to the trouble of dobbing on us to our realestate and to the council coz we had 14 people in our mums house.OUR mums house!!!! Its that  terrible 14 people!!! What a joke Can you believe it? What  tools/fools/idiots/ They now have a reputation down the street added to the one they already had in town.
Anyone feel like coming up to mums for a party? lol.

This is mums side of the fence near the garage out the back
 This is their side  same fence line ....Say no more?and they said SHE was breeding rats and snakes

 But do we look worried?
 I think not lol I think the rest of the tribe were hiding from the camera.
Did I ever tell you my grandkids are the similar age as my sisters kids? 2 are even just a week apart.

Anyway moving on... mums house still has at least one load to get picked up can't wait and  I finally bought the girls home. Meet Sheila
Wearing an 80s leather suit strapless top,jacket and skir
 and Liz.(help me pick a better name)
I was going to sell them but seems the grandaughters have other ideas Full size barbie dolls what more can girls ask for?Ps their outfits are for sale.

 I have been busy culling (yes even my vintage stash is being culled) and selling.If  your on Facebook come  visit my Vintage Wishes Shop. I am also selling locally but will happily share my album just in case you see something you want there too.If I had more time Id share it all here but takes soooo long to load etc.What would be better is if you all came to visit me.There the invite is out for that too so what are you waiting for?

I had my braces on  tightened last Tuesday am feeling the pain right now  am alos seeing teeth moving which looks and feels weird.Have had them for a month so now only 4 months and 3 weeks left I am feeling it right now and seeing teeth moving looks and feels weird.The time should go quick as in that time our house is getting built.YAY finally Starting on the 13th of March so stay tuned for regular updates on that.
Now for my Frock on a friday that I havnt done in ages
opshop find a couple of weeks back

and some lately finds.(yes I may be culling but its out with the old and to the opshop for the new)
My old ladies trolley (getting prepared you know lol)
and this cute Helga  hat
Its so not me lol
oh and I mustn't forget to share my lovely brooches from the lovely  Zara from the swap sweet  Trudy organised.I just have to get my act together and get hers done.Thanks Zara love it all and love that card so cute.

 Ok thats it now back to work I go I will try to be back soon

Nelly xxx

Ps PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE take off your word verification if you still have one They are soooo Painful.Thanks in advance.

Now if you made it this far (and do tell me if you did as that was one long winded post)I will leave you with Miss 5s 1st lost tooth.Proud Much?


rkbsnana said...

Well, thanks for catching us up in a big way. A bunch of psychos, huh? (Neighbors - not your family) I think Liz looks more like a.......I was going to say Barbie but now I just don't know. Anyway...The only coherent thing I have tonight is that I love the pink hat.

Nelly said...

@rkbsnana that gave me a giggle

simmone said...

I have the same camera!only mine is called Kiss cos it's an O/S model.Isn't it a pain to have rotten neighbours,lucky your Mum doesn't have to deal with it.We bought the reno cottage because the neighbour was a nutter,the other neighbours were so relieved,esp. the one who had rotten eggs thrown on their new driveway-from our garden! Love your granny trolley,have a friend who uses hers because of a bad back. So cute that first tooth!

Miss Peregrin said...

Those neighbours sound pretty damn crazy! I'm glad you guys are all carrying on being your happy selves though. Screw the trouble makers!

I love your Friday frock, and that cute, cute old lady trolley. That pic of Miss 5 with her lost tooth is super cute too!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Love your floaty frock! Best granny trolley I've seen and such a sweet hat. There are some realy crazies out there! xx

delia hornbook said...

It so good to see you and hear all is well. Well apart from your mum's neighbours from hell from the past. For goodness sake have they got nothing better to day with themselves nasty people makes my blood boil it does. What on earth is wrong with them i don't understand some people very sad and lonely they must be. Your big dolls are smashing no wonder the girls want to keep them ;-) Love the blue dress she is wearing. Your frock on Friday is lovely all the colours of the rainbow. Take care, dee x

Kylie said...

You look gorgeous Nelly and I love Nana trolley's.
Sorry to read about your Mum's horrible neighbours, we actually sold our beautiful modernist house in the hills mainly because of our own horrible neighbours. Not fair, but it just got too hard and uncomfortable living next door to them. I love that photo of you poking tongues out etc wish I'd had the guts to do that to my ex neighbours!
Congrats on anniversary. Your camera looks very flash x

Vintage Coconut said...

*Shouts in your blog*

My Gosh those ex neighbors belong in a looney bin. *lol* It's really too bad the asylum here closed its doors.... we may have been able to get them re-homed. ;)
I love whatever the heck it is you have on in the picture on the porch of your Moms.

I AM MANNEQUIN obsessed and I gotta say I love the two you have! I can't help with names... cause I like strange ones. Like my female mannequins name is Galaxie! ahahaha

LOVE YOUR FOF DRESS and if that is not enough... your little floral cart is the sweetest.


Alright... time to go... hahahah BYE NELLY

Anonymous said...

Ahhh stuff the crazy neighbours, what so and so's they are.

We've missed you, it will be nice to have you back and updating us.

I fricken love that granny trolley that is right up my alley, I want one just like it.

Thank you for the mention and link with the brooch swap.

Ivy Black said...

Oooh a lovely b ig catch up Nelly! Glad to see you're all rocking and that you have a rather splendind camera. great stuff!
I'm a bit taken with the trolley!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OMG, those neighbours are MENTAL. Glad your mum is well out of there. Love the hat and as for the trolley - swoooooon. xx

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Hi Nelly! Sure glad to see you again!

I think there are few worse things than crappy neighbors. It's a constant irritant & frustration and life is way too short to deal with that sort of stuff.

Way cool on that new camera! I got one for Christmas. I'm loving it but would love it more if I went to a class & learned all the great features. As it is all I use it for is snapshots & not real photography. Hopefully soon.

LOVELOVELOVE the old lady trolly! Never seen one like that & I want one! And kudos to you for making ugly faces at the ugly neighbors! I love it :- )

Good to see you back Nell - you were missed.

Zara said...

Having horrible neighbours is terrible, they can make life very difficult cant they. some people just have no respect for others and nothing better to do with their time.
Love your thrifted frock, and so glad you like your brooches.

PennI Pops said...

Hello Beautiful!
I just LOVE the "granny trolly"! I am right into yellow and orange at the moment...not quite sure why, but they are a "HAPPY" colours! Yipee! Congratulations Miss 5...I hope the Tooth Fairy came!
And I jUST adore YHE "hello" SIGN ON YOUR GATE!!!!! So lovely to catch up Nelly!
Love and Blessings, Penni xxx

Kitty said...

Oooh a DSLR, I'm soooo jealous!!
Good to hear you're almost all done with that feral bloody woman.xx.

Hello Vintage said...

Great post Nelly. You will love having a new camera!! You should hang onto your vintage girls for sure, they are gorgeous. I am not sure if I have that word verification thing or not so I will have to work it out because I know how annoying they are. I can't get over your Mum's neighbours, they sound nuts for sure.

Hello Vintage said...

Thanks Nelly for popping over and checking my word verification. All fixed now!!

Penny-Rose said...

Oh Nelly, I do love reading your blog, you always make me smile. I agree it would be so much easier to visit you and look at what you are culling/destashing. I find loading things onto Trademe takes so long I hardly ever put anything on to sell. I think the housebuilding and the braces sound very exciting. You have a beautiful smile and I love the head band with flowers which suits the dress really well. Hope you are having a great week.

goin-2-new-home said...

Hello Nelly,

Love your 'old lady trolley'! ....and yes, I can see I'm going to get addicted to blog reading now too! Lynley xo