Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wow Its 2012 and

I hope all my bloggy friends have an amazing year I know I will (positive thinking and all that)

I have decided that I am going to do my best to wear something vintage every day of the year.I have also decided to take a pic of every outfit I wear and share what it once a  week on what shall now be dubbed "What I wore this Week Wednesday" (Fridays Frock will be shared on Friday still) that way I know I shall be held accountable  if there isnt at least a bit of vintage on my body somewhere.This Wednesday will be the 1st with 3 days worth of what I wore.Now be warned some outfits will be repeats for a bit as I only bought 3 vintage dresses with me and sent some of my new pieces home with The Captain (oops) but since Tuesday is the day the oppys open in this area well ... cross your fingers for me please.

Now for your viewing pleasure some pics of mums house
This is the outside (ps its for sale at Real estate dot com) all the pics are at that link as I accidently deleted mine go and have a peak.The house is now quite bare as most things have been sold or packed away.
cute with lots of memories.
                            If I was in the right position I would buy it to rent out but sadly i'm not :(  

Did you see the bed in the pink room? Thats going into my vintage/sanctuary  area in the new house along with a few other lovelies and its what I have been sleeping on.I used to own it then sold to mum n dad now buying it back.My girls used to sleep in it and called it the Princess bed.The aqua room is mums.Dont you love that bathroom too?Most things in her house are gone now  kitchen table included.

This is the truck belonging to people who bought a heap of mums stuff yes all that in the back is from mums garden Dont you love the hill billy chairs?

 This is a pic I have coveted for years isnt she lovely.Mum got it at an antique or op shop many years ago.Am letting mum keep this one  for now  tho lol
 Mum found some of her childhood books in her hoard The most used book is the one with that little girl.Its full of cute pics like that.

This is a window we took out of the laundry I made it over 20 years ago when I was into leadlighting.

 Mum didnt want to leave it behind. yere I is a little bit proud lol

a pic that used to hang on Auntys wall in the 70s and ours in the 80s should I keep it? Kinda think yes!

 Decided to keep this one mum doesnt want it no one bought it I have always liked it its very Hiedi like isnt it? Mum bought this at an oppy I think in the 80s.There is a signature but couldnt find an info on the name but the name kept gooing to concentration camp page so who knows?Reckon its an old print tho.

 This is some of the junk treasure I am taking home with me.Arent the curtains to die for sadly they stay with the house.

 Mum has some gorgeous wardrobes 2 will be staying with the house as they didnt sell this one goes with her.Its got lots of hats in it for moi
 this is just one of the beautys

 and that my freinds is my show and tell for the day.
I hope to see you soon

Nelly xxx
ps just to get me ropeable on teh very 1st day of the year.LL (lovely laura my daughter) took a heap if stuff to the oppy whereupon the lady storing it said no we dont want it we are getting too much and most is going to the dump.She also asked LL if she could take a large garbage bag to dump too! WELL fortunatly the dump was closed as I would have been so upset as much of the stuff was good and inside that bag was a really good pair of rubber backed hardly used long well made curtains.(my sister wants them ) But I am sooooo disgusted at how much is being thrown out I so hate waste! BTW the store was the Salvos.Hint to them -drop your prices and you will sell more and have more room for stuff ....every Salvo I know is way over priced,.
Ok end vent lol xx'
pps I was able to give a heap of stuff to people that were happy to have it the rest will go to a different opshop tomorrow.Better hit the dumps guys thats where all the good stuff is going xx


sacramento said...

Happy New year, dear friend.
Do keep in touch.

Hello Vintage said...

You are right Nelly, some of the prices in the Salvos down here are just nuts and for them to have to throw good stuff out! That is a real shame. Your Mums house looks full of character, lovely. Sherry :)

rkbsnana said...

Okay, do I understand correctly? You went to your mom's for the holiday.
How wonderful for you and her. But what is an oppy? I'll be checking back on future posts to see if you address this most pressing question.
(I'm being silly) I do check your posts because I love to see what you are wearing. It scares me some though because I have actually worn similar vintage items.

VintageBirdGirl said...

Your Mum's house is just fantastic! I would LOVE to live in a place with such history & pure vintage sweetness, but my generic unit will have to do for now. Looking forward to the fashion posts! Happy new year. Xx

wendz said...

Amazing treasure trove, your Mum's house! Love that wardrobe.

I wish ALL charity shops would take stock of what it is that they do (ie. selling donated tat to raise funds) and keep their prices in line with that - there are more and more that I don't bother going into anymore because they are so overpriced. They must think they're the new black.

A Blessed Life said...

Gosh Nelly wish you were closer to us,our little op shop that I help run has very little over $2 it has to be brand new and tagged to cop a $5 price,we sell so much and yes our local Vinnies and Life Line are getting so expensive people travel to our "Treasures".WE are always grateful for donations and never send them away..shame on them! Lovely home of your Mums looks like it had many happy times.

A Treasured Past said...

Happy New Year Nelly!

I love your mums house and I love the colours. I hope the person that buys it loves it too and keeps the original features. It is a shame that you could not keep more, but the pieces that you are keeping are great. Love the stained glass, its incredible.

The oppies are pretty pricey this way too.

Wishing you and yours a great 2012 ahead, Tam x

pastcaring said...

Happy New Year to you Nelly.
I love the treasures you are keeping from your mum's house, and I am SO impressed that you actually made that stained glass window. It's fabulous, you are so talented.
How terrible that perfectly good stuff which has been donated for charity is just getting dumped. I agree, if the prices were lower, they'd shift more stock and have room for more donations. xxxxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Wow her house is lovely! Op shops keep screaming out for donations and then they are throwing it away without even looking at what it is, how ridiculous. Happy New Year Nelly. xx

Krista said...

What a cute lil house your Mum had and so full of cool stuff. I love the stained glass bird you made, she's gorgeous! HAppy New Year dear!

Vintage Coconut said...

Damnit.. I wish I could have came and bought your Moms wardrobes!!
I bet they are rather lovely. I have an immense love for them.... even though I do not own one atm. BUT the reason for that I don't have the space for a giant lovely item of furniture. When I do.. a wardrobe is at the top of my list.

I am thrilled you will be doing outfit posts I am looking foreward to those. =D

P.S. The window you made is gorgeous. I love it tons and tons.


Helga! said...

ooo,your lead liggt is amazing,clever possum!!!
Um,yes indeed,you are so right about the Sallies, and in fact every oppy is over priced and over capacity!!!Feckers!
Love your Mum's old house!Swoon!

Kitty said...

Cute house, hope you've got everything sorted now.xx.

Misfits Vintage said...

Your Mum's house is lovely Nelly - I hope it sells quickly. So many gorgeous things - the native American lady is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to see your new/old hat collection. Sarah xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Happy 2012! I'm so glad Blogger is letting me comment on your blog again. HURRAY! You should be proud of that leadlight window, it is AMAZING!

PJ said...

is this the salvos in stanthorpe?