Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where is Nelly?

Here I am! What a busy few weeks I have had.
Couldnt post on the FOF a few weeks back coz of no net tower as it was blown by a lightening strike.
Came 7 hours down south to help mum and forgot my power cord so no Movie Star Monday.Had cord sent and nothing from me since  as have been run off feet packing,sorting, throwing, dehoarding , oh and nabbing lots of vintagey things (mum is a worse hoarder than me,true that,least I have regular culling) But sometimes hoarding is good as I was  able to score some great vintage peices you will see eventually

I am still down south at mums The Captain and most other kids are back home while I continue to help sell mums sellable items.
Next week up to sisters 12 hours away from here and where The Captain will travel  to meet me.Will be fun as my grandkids and my sisters kids are all similar age and havent seen each other for 2 years.

Anyway nuff chatting here are some of the things I found in mums vintage collection (not counting hats and other things I have already sent home) all of below  I will eventually nab I hope.

Vintage Girdle fitted but I didnt tighten it
Bed Jacket I opped years ago forgotten all about it

My grans crocheted top I thought was lost.Has a sad hole in it

Lots of scanties/undies right up Desirees alley
Petticoat I am nabbing this before I go mum doesnt know yet.

Another bed jacket I think was mine too.

another petticoat each bottom ruffle is a differnt colour.

another petticoat
Most gorgeous Dressing gown that was given to me and I wore in hospital when some of my kds were born.Thought we had lost this.It was given to me by a lady who wore it while in hospital when 49 years ago.Mum thinks it actually belonged to the mother of lady who gave it to me.So happy to have it again.These are times where  hoarding is good.

Trudy you would love the vintage kids clothes

an old tie and my Great grandfathers braces

I think its a little top?

and my 50s swimmers I thought Id lost years ago.Sadly they no longer fit me last time they did I was 22 sad so sad.
and thats all you get to see for now as I am beat and downloading is taking forever.Hope you enjoyed the lovely vintage pieces.

OH and

Good news too to start the new year our home loan was finally approved everyone all together say YAY! My plan is as its a modern house I will get the double shed which will be all vintaged out and my santuary  from all things modern.Stay tuned.

Nelly xx


Hello Vintage said...

Hi Nelly! Hope you had a great Chrissy. Love how they are all a lovely pale pink and white. Those swimmers (bathers here) are lovely. We used to dress up in my Mums old petticoats when we were kids because they were so frilly and pretty. YAY for you on the home loan, very exciting!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Glad to see you back online! I think my favourite piece is the petticoat with the different coloured ruffles. Sadly my Nanna didn't hold on to anything!!
Yay for your home loan how exciting.


Liz said...

Wow - what great things! Love the vintage children's clothes - so sweet!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

VintageBirdGirl said...

Great to see you back in blogland. Love the swimmers too! Xx

My Vintage Vow said...

Oh Nelly how we have been missing you and yes, yes, yes the baby/children's stuff is

That little pink caplet you discibed as a top is ever so sweet too and what can I say about those swimmers, my goodness.

Can't wait to see what other things you unearth through this process. Stay well and take care of yourself darling as well.

Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - all of those beautiful lingerie and undergarments are so gorgeous! Send me that crochet top and I'll mend it for you - it would be too sad to let it deteriorate. Sarah xxx

delia hornbook said...

Hi Nelly, so good to hear from you again and glad to hear that your ok. My what a trip down memory lane you have been taking, those items are gorgeous. I adore those petticoats the first one is stunning and so is the little frilled bottom one. Hope all goes well when you all meet up ;-) Happy new year and great news about the loan ;-)) dee xx

pastcaring said...

Nelly, it's good to have you back, I've missed you!
What a treasure trove. I love all the petticoats, gorgeous things.
Hope Christmas was good and that New Year will be even better! xxxxx

Krista said...

There you are! All of this is so pink and lovely!! Those petticoats and your 50's swimsuit have made me lightheaded, LOVE them!!!!!! WHat a sweet kid you are to help Mum out. Congrats on the loan approval!!!!!!
Happy New Year too!

Penny-Rose said...

Glad to have you back online, I wondered if you were caught up in storm. Sounds like you have uncovered some lost and forgotten treasures at your Mum's place. How nice to be able to go for a visit down memory lane.

Scarlett said...

A Big YAY here for the home loan, how exciting does your vintage santuary sound! I'll be on the next plane over when thats finished :o) Have a fabulous new year chickadee Scarlett x

Helga! said...

NELLY!!!!! There you are!
Thrilled to bits for you about the home loan!!Total SQUEE!!!
Happy holidays,my sweet!XXXXXXX

Vintage Coconut said...

You know.. I was REALLY beginning to worry about ya Nelly so I am super happy you made a post. I miss your posts!!
*OoOoo* All those nighties and petticoats and girly things are GORGEOUS! WOW WOW WOW
I woun't lie I can never turn down a nylon nightie. *heh* I found one on the rack at a thrift today and it was included in my bag sale. *SCORE*

Now I just have to get another bag together to donate to the Salvation army. I am trying to get rid of more clothes than I bring in. *BWHAHAHA*

P.S. THAT swimsuit is sooooo lovely

two squirrels said...

Oh what a treat to see such gorgeous treasure, just lovely!!! Thank you so much for showing them. Petticoats always make my heart sing!!!
Happiness to you V

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Holy feckinoly look at those scanties - oh you wicked temptress, get those away from me and the swimsuit, bed-jackets, petticoats, slips!!!!!!!!!!! Oh lord I feel faint ... REALLY!!! Sounds like you're having a lovely time Nelly - you must be in your element!!! xoxoxooxox

Rosalind said...

What an incredible haul of vintage loveliness AND it all colour co-ordinates. I too love being on the receiving end of various family members who are confirmed hoarders. Trouble is that I have the hording bug myself now...

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, 2012 is looking to be a good one too...congratulations on the home loan, and your little slice of heaven.

Gorgeous girdle! Tam x

Nick said...

Hey Nelly,
Are you in Lismore? I have been out of the loop lately, working hard and getting sick...again. (I think the most of this year I have been poorly...she whined)

email me at
if you are still here and we will have a coffee or vino? Oh Merry Christmas!

Cheers Nick

Crafty Carol said...

hey nelly love all the good finds
wish I had come early to your mums place , it was so loverly to see you, laura and ruby, peter said ruby was so good with cobber, she is a good kid, you have been the best granny, and thanks for helping me get back on the blog

Vintage Jane said...

Hi Nelly,
Just want to wish you and yours a very happy new year. I'm having a bit of a catch up with my blog reading - didn't realise how behid I had got. I just LOVE all the gorgeous items in this post. Lucky you. M x