Thursday, November 10, 2011

Little Waggers

No,no I dont mean puppy tail wagging.
 I mean lets skip school today coz we might get away with it.

Miss 8 and friend tried it on today yes they did!!! 
Little did they realise wearing school uniforms and being seen going a good way away will always get you dobbed on.

Bit of a shock when uncle was sent out to search for them and he pulled up in his car and returned them to other mum and school ha that will teach you brats!!
Dont mess with Uncle!!
 Lucky I wasnt at home at the time or I would have been having heart failure and all the rest that comes with missing kids.

Son was kind enough to let me know after the fact.

Punishment?? You bet!! She will be grounded for a bit and will be missing her besties party Sunday.Oh and the police had a lovely little chat to them too.
and never  mess with Nanny Nelly!!
Miss 8's mum was a teen before she tried the wagging trick,mind you it was in the small town where we lived and where The Captian drove past and saw them!

Oh the joys of parenthood.So out of 4 of mine only one was game enough to try wagging and out of the grandies I dont think it will be happening again ......well until the teenage years.
So now I have told you my naughty girls stories did you ever wag school too? If so when and where and did you get away with it.And no I wasnt game and was a good girl lol.

And in other news
More record bags to be added to my soon to FB shop  (I also donated one to the Rock n Roll club raffle)

Pink one went to raffle.
 and what I wore today am actually showing off sharing the sunny days  with the poor freezing people OS.
Have decided I dont feel purty in this dress so will be selling it.
and that was my day  what was yours like?

Nelly xxx


Mitzi said...

Wow, what an interesting day you had, Nelly! I love your record bags...very clever! Your Nanny Nelly character is pretty cute....enjoy the sunshine, we might get snow today!

Tattered Rose said...

You are my long lost twin! What a hoot you are! What is it about you Aussie women? I have an Australian friend whom I have never met in person that I adore. I wish she lived closer to me...we are soul sisters separated by thousands of miles.
I think part of it is the similar sense of humour to our Canadian humour.
Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.
Take care...

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh Nelly - how much do you want for that fab green frock - I love it!

Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh Nelly - how much do you want for that fab green frock - I love it!

Sarah xxx