Thursday, November 24, 2011

And coz its Friday

I shall Frock on with
This gorgeous 70s maxi Do I like it? NOOO!!
I love, love, love it a $4 buy
 Fits perfectly yay.Its a Mary Charmaine brand
and that and the following dresses are what I got yesterday.The story goes....
Another Op shop boss lady  said she would save me dresses from now on.I walk in yesterday thinking she wasnt there but then she saw me and said oh I have some dresses for you retro ones not sure if they are what you want.and out she comes with the above one
and this  Margeaux Brand 50s/60s one made from Pure Silk.
 sadly doesnt fit me but has gorgeous detailing
 and a little bit of damage on arm hole edge which is fixable.May fold over or may get some old ribbon to  match and bind.(the damage is much smaller than photo makes it look)

 and this all lace 60s dress way Too small as well Sally Forth brand

 And this drooly 50s one its a Glenys brand Why are they soo small?Not sure of the fabric.

 metal side zipper and again beautiful detailing

 did I get goosebumps? You bet I did! They had me smiling all day long.And she said that she just walked in when the old birds were sorting out and heard them say should we just chuck these out? WHAAATTTT? how dare they throw our vintage fashion history away!Boss lady informed them that under no circumstances (and you dont mess with this boss lady) are they to be thrown out they all must be hung up!! How lucky was I she was standing right there.How many gorgeous things like this  do get tossed?

That was my 1st stop of the day.
so I went to next shop aaaand they were having a half price everything sale (this shop rarely has much)

But I got this Kimino top for 25c coz it was in the half price box

This is my stunned mullet look.
You like?

and this was also 25c for the dress up rack.
 and a cute 60s suit for $3
 Very cute 70s mini
and something pink I got earlier this week.Home made with love

 and lots of shirring.

 and goes well with my newest top hat

 and for a few other treasures a vintage swan.

 a kids  vintage bag from the 70s wish I still had mine from then
 a cute shell box (others are in storage)
 and some mary jane-esque shoes
And I think thats all.
Been down in the boon dock doldrums waiting for events to eventuate that are not eventuating fast enough.I am out of the boon docks now tho henec the rather large post.
Dont forget my record Bag comp  at my Vintage Wishes FB shop you must LIKE my page  and let me know if you want to go in the draw.
I am working on an Etsy shop too as I really need to offload some things.

I forgot about Movie Star Monday this week oops so will double dose you all next week.

Nelly xxx

 Oh and I have lost my battery charger so am using my phone camera and any photographers I can find at the moment so you gotta take what you get coz they are all impatient papparazi types lol.I miss my camera!!


two squirrels said...

Oh what a wonderful thing!!!! To have saved such beautiful garments from a nasty bin, I just love the wee cream poppet, heaven.
I have to say you look just stunning in the green 70's frock.

rkbsnana said...

Ah, Nelly. Perfect finds...just made for you. Hey, I like you in pink hats.

simmone said...

Thank goodness they were saved,I guess we don't appreciate things until they are almost gone,love the drooly 50's and the 60's suit,we are just to well fed these days.Love swans and wicker and that cute hat.Great finds!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME, AWESOME finds Hun. You know where that Doreen maxi might disappear to? My place, if you're looking for it. I love the light blue lace dress, are you going to be off loading that one....she asks cheekily?

Great to have you back from the boon docks my friend. X

Kitty said...

the green maxi is so fabulous on you, and look at that smile on your face!! Let me know if you want to sell me any dresses :)

Misfits Vintage said...

That green ruffly maxi is gorgeous and I love the 70s pattern mini too.

Sarah xxx

Kylie said...

Hey Nelly, how have you been? I've missed you...

You weren't kidding when you said you'd had a good day at the oppy were you?

I love the Mary Charmaine, I could see you rocking that on Christmas day.
The coffee coloured Glenys dress is definetely drool-worthy. Gorgeous colour and detail.

Nice to have the big boss lady at the oppy on your side. If this is any indication of the stuff she's saving for you, you are one lucky ducky x

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my FLIPPIN HECK! That green dress is DAMN AMAZING Nelly. You look totally gorgeous in it.

The 3 dresses boss lady saved you are wonderful! I cannot believe they were going to throw them out. *EEEEEEEPPP* jUST YOU TYPING THOSE WORDS is enough to give me horrible nightmares.

A 25 cent kimono?? SCORE!!
The mini dress looks quite cute.

I like your new top hat! Rather fancy and delightful just like yourself.

Hemmmm I used to have a shell box JUST like that one during my childhood. I wonder what my Mother did with it?? (Probablu offloaded it at a garage sale.. like all my other cool stuff) *lol*

Alix said...

Your Op shop lucky star must be shining! What a bundle of gorgeous things. I find it incredible that anyone has escaped noticing that vintage is cool, but it's fortunate some have, as long as someone is there to rescue things before they are binned! Hope that things eventuate soon...

Hello Vintage said...

There are some stunning dresses there and the first one looks gorgeous on you. I wonder how many retro clothes do get thrown out. I can't believe they would do that! Ahhh! You are so lucky that the dresses get saved for you!! Take care. Sherry :)

sacramento said...

Absolutely gorgeous dresses. Loving the green one so much on you.

wendz said...

How is it possible to find so many really vintage dresses and goodies in one shot?

I reckon Australia being so huge, must have a treasure trove of vintage lovelies all waiting to be dumped in your shops. England has been depleted - such a small country and half of it is in love with vintage so it has been totally pillaged. Shame!

Love the green dress - suits you to a T. Actually all the dresses are wonderful - even the one you're unsure about. Fab finds - lucky you. :)

A Treasured Past said...

Great find Nelly, I would never find anything down this way. The green really suits you.

Can't wait to check out your etsy shop. I will link you when it is up and running.

Tam x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OMG, I'm still reeling from the fact that those old biddies might have thrown out all those gorgeous 50s dresses. That's what worries me about charity/op shops that they might chuck out all those vintage goodies that we all adore just because they look "old". Eeeek!

Fabulous green dress and yet again, picture after picture of glorious goodies. Well done you!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Amazing outfits Nelly, fab that you have the manageress looking out for this kind of stuff for you. I need to come to Australia! There's certainly slim pickings on the vintage clothing front round here. x

Dressing Up For Me said...

Love that shade of green you´re wearing and oh, that peachy silk dress is so gorgeous! :)

delia hornbook said...

OMG Nelly my jaw has just hit the floor what a load of gorgeous things you lucky lucky lady ;-)) I am so in love with that green maxi dress and i have to say it looks stunning on you. And that 60's suit is just beautiful and so is that peach 50's dress. So pleased to hear you are feeling more like you again ;-) Have a fun weekend, dee xx

Sabrina said...

beautiful pics!!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!

Helga! said...

SQUEE! I frigging LOVE that emerald green frock,Nelly!!! LOVE IT! Oooo,those teeny tiny 50's/60's frock are pure heaven,I wish I knew why they are always so bloody small!!!
Love that swan and the wicker bag too!Fabulous scores,my darlingn!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

THROW THEM OUT?????????? Are they frickin' bonkers? Are those women frickin' day-release patients from the looney bin??? Bless you Nelly for hooking up with a clever shop manager and saving all these vintage treasures. Honestly, my hands are sweating as I type this when I think of all the frocks that previously got binned. I feel sick. But you are my heroine - you saved the day and you bloody rock the GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN frilly frock!!!!!!! Save the world from looney frock-chuckers!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxxo

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Aren't you gorgeous in green! I cannot believe those old ducks were going to through them away, maybe they need their eyes checked?? I need an inside hook up like you have because those dresses are the sweetest things I've ever seen.


Vix said...

I love the dress you're wearing, Nelly, you look so pretty in green.
that groovy 1960s mini dress looks fabulous, too. Does it fit? I'm dying to see it on. x

Krista said...

You look beautiful in this green dress! I want to steal that shimmery pink dress!!!!! I just found a Sally Forth dress in turquoise and it fits me like a dream!!

duchess_declutter said...

Love the mini Nelly - why didn't you model that one!?
The Shell Box - I think I have it's twin. Picked it up at the markets years ago.
cheers Wendy

Confessions of a Psycho Cat said...

That white lace dress is just amazing :)

Mary Lou said...

wow lucky you that you find such gorgous frocks for $4, this green one is really a dream and it looks great on you!
love and kiss,mary

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Love, love, LOVE the 50's & 60's dresses! So adorable. Great finds Nelly. Isn't it nice to have an "in" who watches out for you! Lucky Ducky! Where the heck do you keep all this wonderful stuff anyway?! BTW - you're so lucky to look so adorable in hats! I'm one of those women who looks like a DORK with anything on my head!