Saturday, October 29, 2011

While the Oldies are away the Big Kids will Play

We are home safe and sound of body but the mind well fighting kids doesnt do any ones mind too good but we did survive.
We arrived home with Laura making us a lovely stew for dinner she is wonderful!Also to view  pictures of the dress ups the 21 yr old his  girlfriend and his best mate.Thought Id share.
Yes he belongs to me and his best mate I have knows since he was a little nipper too
Village people eat ya heart out lol
You cant help but giggle seeing as they are both such men but they do know how to have fun and my costumes always come in handy.Look at those guns.Isnt Josh's GF cute?Her own costume not mine.And yes they went to town last night like this.
They also took my youngest son paint balling as it was his 17th yesterday Laura took this pic.A few bruises was shared by all.

L-r the 17yr old(who rarely smiles for the camera),Josh aka grotty (LLs buddy) my Josh and his best Buddy
 and me? Well I am very tired didnt sleep well as bed was so hard my hips were in pain but had a great dream where we went to visit Helga and G on there NZ farm with their animals and G was entertaining the kids lol. HH and I had pics taken together and she wanted to pash me for the camera but I said noooo lol ,Yere I know HH and G dont have a farm or  farm animals she may want to pash me who knows lol but its my dream ok?

Oh and look what we passed today
ThunderBird are a Go
 or should I say Slow? Out on a Sunday Drive.What a beauty!!
 One more post and I will have succeeded in my daily blog posts for Blogtober.

 Make sure you check out yesterdays post all about the fair I am still pumped from it.Next one Id love to go to is the Greazefest check it out HERE

And thats all folks
Nelly xxx


Saphy said...

I love dressing up! we are going to Rocky Horror on monday!

A Blessed Life said...

Can't wait to see the rocky pics, gee your kids are lovely looking and I am sure they are just like Mum on the heart side of things that car!

Bungalowgirl said...

What a funky gang you have there. Can't wait to see your vintage dress finds. melx

Kitty said...

Good to see you made it back okay!!! Anything you want to know about Greazefest, just ask me :)

Miss K said...

Hehe looks like fun, and the blue car is like a dream on wheels!! Thanks for your comment, I'm so in love with Dolly Cool jewellry hehe

Vintage Coconut said...

You know I was half expecting you to pop up in the pictures dawning a wrestling sort of outfit!
*hehehe* Oh well too bad maybe another time.
Looks like they had a ton of fun though.

*Ohhh* That car was lovely!

lol @ you and your dreams... I am sort of worried about what we will hear next. =p

Vix said...

Wow! They look fabulous. I wish I could have joined them. x

pastcaring said...

How great that all your kids and grandkids love to play dress up! Can't think WHERE they get it from...
(Learnt it from the best, I reckon!) xxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

They look fab! And I love that car, that's the way to travel!


Look at those hot young things - bodies to die for!

You've been so busy and I'll miss your daily posts. Maybe you should do the November daily post thing, you've been cheering me up so much.

Lucy x

Please may I? said...

Well they all look fantastic, great outfits and stunning muscles too!

X x

Helga! said...

O,I definetly am keen for a pash session!!! Hilarious! gawd,I'm pleased I'm not the only one having mad dreams!Funnily enough,we were out in the country on Saturday night!
Yay for seeing the young 'uns playing dress up!!! Fun!
That car is gorgeous!I think you should have car jacked it!

Krista said...

Love all the beauty of youth they look great and I bet they got into trouble!!!! It's great seeing the whole gang celebrating!! WOO HOO!!

Miss Claire said...

Hahaha, Helga would totally have been like that!! :) How funny :) Looks like the kids had fun, and how nice that Laura made you a cosy stew! I am about to put the slow cooker on with tonights dinner, a chickpea curry, yummm :) Xoxox Claire