Saturday, October 1, 2011

To do Blogtober or not to do Blogtober

that is the question.

I wasnt going to then thought I may try (see I am bad at making decisions)  and now am a day late but am thinking since its the 1st in the U.S I could do it still.I wont sign up for it but will give it a go and see if I can post each day this month.My life is all over the place at times so this challenge may work or it may not but I wont use the Fail word if I dont manage it.
So today I am sharing some pics to get me started.

Ok so I got this at an oppy a while ago you may remember it. Its a Susan Parsons and still had shop tag.
 I had to take it in and want to know do I make it short (its a maxi now) and do I keep the sleeves or take them off?But they are mini wings so may have to keep them.
 Got this one at same time as above but this is a home made one.
 Do I keep it as a maxi or show some leg?Thinking it may be a great winter outfit as a maxi with boots.
 How do you like my knickerbockers?
 finsihed them off yesterday as they had been one of my UFOs for ages.Made from vintage sheets.
look granny has a belly button
 was thinking of making a few pairs to sell but dunno how popular they would be.
 Finished a mob cap for Miss 5s teacher for the class play.

 I have some Sunday Super heros.
 and frogs.

and me today my opped shoes,bag and top.(had last 2 for ages.)
my bling opped.

So thats one day into my Blogtober lets see how well I do.

See you tomorrow

Nelly xxx


Anonymous said...

Love the knickerbockers.

Hello Vintage said...

Love that first dress and the bag in the last pic. Very nice! Good luck with blogtober, I am lucky to do one entry a week! :)

Vintage Coconut said...

I am reaally liking those two dresses. I would keep them as is but thats just me. *lol*
I <3 the knickerbockers!!! *So cute*
You did a nice job on the cap.
The super heros are both AAAAAADORABLE!
And of course Nelly you look fabulous. =)

Fading Grace said...

Love the knickerbockers ...I would definitely wear them, they're a bit different, I like that, get so fed up with the stuff in the shops xx
Your Sunday super hero's are just the cutest! xx

Kylie said...

I'd buy a pair of those knicker-bocker's Nelly, perfect lounge wear. I'd keep the first dress a maxi but change the sleeves if it were mine...only saying because you asked x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

You look great in maxis, but you do have good pins so I get the making them shorter thing. Although I did that to a few maxis in the 80s and 90s and TOTALLY regret it now!


Comtesse de ferveur said...

Good luck! I adore the opshopped dress and how cute are the two little stars?!

Vix said...

Gorgeous dresses, groovy bloomers and I just love you in that fringed top and jeans.
Your little helpers are so cute. x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Good luck with blogtober I would do it if I wasn't going away! Those knickerbockers are really cool. I have a tough time decided on altering vintage dresses too. I did cut one but I haven't finished sewing it (as you say UFO). I have to say I love the pattern and the sleeves are killer.

Bungalowgirl said...

Come on Nelly, you can do it. Just re title it "Frocktoberfest" and show us a new frock daily, keep it short. See totally doable, Nelly style. melx

Mary Lou said...

aaaaa nelly i bought the same fabric of your paisley dress last time and also planned to make a maxidress with it haha it is really gorgous and the superheros are supercute;)
love and kiss,mary

pastcaring said...

Well, you know I love an angel sleeve so I say keep the first dress as it is. In fact I love maxis, so I would keep both dresses long, but you've got great legs so you may be right to show 'em off!
Those bloomers are fab, just look at your little grandson looking at you in wonder!
Loving your bling too. Good luck with the month of daily posts!

Please may I? said...

Loving the first dress. Beautiful colours to.

X x

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Oh I'm from the county next to Laois, Co. Kilkenny! But I just moved to Paris a month ago. Miss Ireland lots and lots!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh my, those knickerbockers are ace! I could so wear those in front of the telly. Good luck with blogging every day, I'm never going to keep up with everyone's blogs if too many people do it though!

Bohemian said...

Loving the Fringed Blouse and the colorful Floral Bloomers!!! And your Sunday Super Heroes are precious!

Thanks for stopping by, yes, I WANT that Gypsy Guitar too!!! *swoon* Among other things... winks.

When all my hard work at the Gym begins to pay off & be evident, this Grammas Bellybutton will not have to hide anymore! *LOL* Perhaps I might even reward it with some Jewelry??? *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Miss Claire said...

The knickerbockers are great!!!!! Very cute :) Love the frigned top aswell, you looked gorgeous with that on. Nice scores Xoxoxox