Monday, October 24, 2011

Nelly Tuesday

 Thats instead of Ruby Tuesday a song I love and so does Miss 8 whos name is Ruby!!
Do you have a song with your name in it? I was listening to Oh Carol today (my sister is Carrol)
I found one with my full name Here Just have to find the tune it goes with.
My Laura was named after that Tell Laura I love her song as well and I have heard an Amy (eldest daughter)song in a movie once.
Talking of songs sort of.. I made some more record bags.The one on right I gifted to my opshop lady boss friend,She was over the moon with it.I ended up sewing a little pocket into these 3 as I wish I had put one in mine.

 And here is me off to take kids to school before treasure hunting (and grocery shopping ewww)
I have on a vintage dress I had never worn and found in my collection this moring,Even the captain liked it.
 You wanna come along ??

Well get in then

Didnt find a great deal to make you drool tho But stocked up on some LPs for making more bags These 3 are keepers and will not be cut up .The Popcorn one( remember that tune?) I love/d it and want it on my new phone.And the other 2 are keepers too.
Oh and these bits.That hat is a wall vase cute hey?And "Beach" is for Miss 10s beach themed room if it ever happens!! I also am collecting letters for a huge wall mural thingy,half finished crosstitch and a cute made in Japan music box.Got these all cheap yay.
But lookee here what I am very happy,smiley,grinning about ... a chinesey style bamboo patterned dress 1970s I think.Label says Osti....Ta da Me likey.
One above and  one below thanks to my favourite Opshop boss lady she is awesome!!
This one me likey not so much I think the sleeves will be going.Its a Modit Creation by Edith Models.
Oh look I  am magic I am making  my hands disapear lol
arent you lucky? Frocks on a Tuesday or should that be Tunics Tuesday?Hope you enjoyed.
 And that dear friends is that.
Now at day 24 of my Blogging every day in October challenge.Still one day late but I am managing to keep it going  so far (yes thats right pat my back)
Now let me think what I am going to bore you with tomorrow ha, ha

Nelly xxx

ps Uncle Daves doing the front yard and jnr is helping him today.He will be an expert mower man one day lol
Yes the front yard is ALWAYS full of bikes etc,etc, etc 


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

A pat on the back & a standing ovation! Wow, now I'm feeling real bad for being a horrible blogger. I adore the mandarin dress. It looks adorable on you. Super find! BTW - "borning"?! Never!

Miss Claire said...

Hi Nelly, Woohoo, sounds like your favourite op-shop boss lady will be keeping things aside for you forever now! You are so generous. The bags look great, really professional! It looks like you had a successful day op-shopping and you look stunning in all three frocks! Maxi-ahoy!!!

Xoxox Claire

Please may I? said...

Well done, not an easy feet blogging every day I know!

I bet those bags have been going down a storm, they are very unique.

Fantastic finds too.

X x

Vintage Coconut said...

Where to start??
Those record bags are AWSOME!!! *Seriously*
The fabrics you are using with them is cute too. I love the one on the left.
The vintage dress you wore out shopping looks gorgeous on you.
(And so does the oppy ones ESPECIALLY the bamboo one *OWWW OWWW*)

I haven't been shopping sice Friday... *cry*

Ivy Black said...

Hello gorgeous! I love the frocks and as for the record bags, what can I say except for I want one!! They are brill.
No, you're never

Vande Historic Costuming said...

Lovely bags - and the bamboo is particularly fetching!!!


Liz said...

Love the bamboo dress - suits you!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Kylie said...

You look awesome in that black dress Nelly, no wonder the Cap'n likes it x

Misfits Vintage said...

Those record bags are fantastic - way to sweeten up your Op Shop Lady!

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Nelly, you look amazing in that black dress. I'm not surprised the Captain likes it on you, it does wonders for your figure and you look like a film star.
I need one of those bags in my life. I wonder if I can bear to chop up some of our huge vinyl archive? xxx

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

The mandarin dress is absolutely stunning - I love everything about it. The record bags are also really original - what a great ides. The closest I think I've ever come to having a song with my name in it is 'My Sharona' Not an exact fit but near enough!

wendz said...

I'd love to see you go shopping in my little seaside, granny-filled town, all dressed up like that! So glamorous Nelly! Lovely. :)

I love the bamboo-y dress too - gorgeous!

Penny-Rose said...

Hi Nelly, I love the Osti bamboo dress - it is gorgeous. I look forward to reading your blog - you are never boring!

Helga! said...

The record bags are AMAAAAZING!!!
Love the frock you weere wearing,and your new ones!Hurrah!

Mary Lou said...

oh nelly i love love love your record bags, maybe you should start selling them, they are to fabulous !!! and you look so beautiful in this black maxidress with wide belt!!!
love and kiss,mary

Scarlett said...

Nelly, is there anything you dont look amazing in?? - Blooming fabulous girl :o) Scarlett x