Thursday, October 27, 2011

It Takes two to Go Go on a Frocking Friday

But 1st

a silly face

and Dress 1 a new modern "Katies Brand" (very, very short) but very gorgeously 60s style and  printed opshopped dress $4
 I love it shame its a tad short (note to self - buy some new tights holey ones dont cut it!)
 and whats a go go dress with out the dance?(One day I shall have me some white boots)

and coz one silly face is never enough
 dress 2 is

 a very vintage 60s fully lined lace dress that I picked up last year for $4 or $6 I think.
Its a "Silver Star Brand"

I love this dress but couldnt get the  look I was going for(one of those arrgghhh days)Dress is lovely and loose the lining is a tad tight.Ok I couldnt do it up ok?No one was here to help me even try lol

 and I forgot to dance woops.
and thats all today due to me not having time to do da up ...
 all above pics done on Wednesday just for you all as you know where I ended up.

Its now Friday for real and we

saw this young man again today.He says "hello blogging people  my granny loves me and she loves  you too."
Now we are  at a caravan park cabin.I am hanging out for tomorrow.Vintage Fair here I come woo hoo!Miss 10 is going too.Miss 10 now wants a vintage dress training her well.The captain and 4 kids are going swimming  while we are fairing
Talked to Ms Kitty and Desiree on the phone , so fun!Hoping to see both  tomorrow plus Trudi from  My Vintage Vow and whoever else I can.and maybe an old school friend or 2.

I am sitting here thinking of all my lovely vintage dresses and bits on my clothes rack at home.Why hasn't teleportation been invented yet? Why didnt I read Kittys blog sooner?WHYYYYY??lol

I would have worn either this (1st choice)
or this
 but am wearing this coz its what I packed.

Back tomorrow with some exciting Fair pictures so stay tuned xx

Nelly xxx


Vintage Coconut said...

Ohhh Nelly you lunatic... *lol*
The silly faces cracked me up.
Oooh lookie at the dresses you look like a total hottie gogo dancer in the first.
And the second dress is quite cute and looks good on you too.

Quit showing me that way too cute baby! It's making me jelous. *lol*
What do you want me to do? Hide in a corner with my Crustaceans?

Have a ton of fun at the market. =D

delia hornbook said...

aaww Nelly you look stunning in what you are wearing to the fair it doesn't matter that its not vintage. Everyone of your blogging friends will be just so pleased to see you what ever. I love the dresses you are wearing but that blue dress with you wearing the hat etc you look amazing in its to gorgeous for words. So happy to see you having fun with your little family. Have a great time and i can't wait to see what you buy. dee xx

Miss Claire said...

Hehehe, I love your silly faces! I wish we could hang out in person 'cos you would be so much fun. The frocks are amazing, I love the new, 60's style one! Very sweet. It'd look good with brown suede boots, too! Have fun tomorrow, bloggy meet up time!!!! XOxoxox

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Great post. Love your little grandy!

Great dresses - wish I had a pair of pins like yours to frock up with!!!

Have a great weekend..

Ricardo Miñana said...

you have a beautiful space.
Very beautiful images,
These very pretty!
if you like the poetry I invite you to my blog poetic breeze.
you have a happy weekend.
a hug.


You know how to bring fun into the world.
Gorgeous pattern on the 60's dress, love the tights too.
You look SO young in the last photo, could easily pass for being mid twenties.

Can't wait to see your fair pictures.

Lucy x

Krista said...

You look amazing in all these lil dresses I so wish I was going to a Vintage Fair to buy up lots of lovlies, have a blast!!!! You are such a goofy love, don't ever change...BOW CHICA BOW WOW back at ya!!!

Vix said...

You are crazy but I love ya! have the best time and rest assured you look fabulous in that black frock. x

pastcaring said...

Look at you showing off your great legs in those shorty-short minis!! If you've got it, flaunt it, baby!
You look beautiful in your black dress, hope you come back with some goodies. Give yourself, Kitty and Desiree big hugs from me! xxxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Feck me you look bloody gorgeous as a 60s go-go dancer - I'm on fire baby!!! Oh my the little darling has grown and I'm so, so happy he had a visit from his beautiful, big clan. Kisses to the lovely chap xxx. OK there is no way I could pick between the three outfits to wear to the fair - but day-am I love the 50s frock with the petticoat, hat and DOUBLE BAGS!!!! The crochet blanket in the background is super gorgeous by the way. You are gonna knock 'em dead in your LBD with Miss 10 in tow. My she certainly is in for an education at the fair today!! So lovely talking to you, I have you number now:)) xoxoxo

Please may I? said...

Great dresses Hun. Loving the uber short one.

Enjoy your break away and your vintage fair. Look forward to seeing your finds.

X x

keshling said...

Nelly, I totally love the blanket in the background - on your bed, is it? Did you make that? If you did you're one clever gal!

K xx