Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not much but Something and a new friend too

I went to town today hoping that the box of preserving vacola bottles (for a craft idea)were still waiting for me (they werent) and found these few things and a new friend.

The new friend came about by her saying she had come into ask about this chair and got sidetrackd in the meantime I bought the chair from outside to ask how much ($2 BTW) and I said I saw something she had I would have liked too lol.Anyway she said she had just moved here and they were on the look out for vintage and I said me too and I collect vintage clothing.She said she has a friend in Brissie with a couple of rooms full (drool me) I said I have a blog she said do you?I said Do you?She said No but I love reading them so she hopefully will drop in and say hi.Hi Tania if you are,She said she is a crafter I said me too she said she is crocheting at the moment I said I am knitting.She said she is a glass artist (I cant wait to see) I said you should have a blog too.(Hope she does)She said this is my daughter Lily-Rose I said thats my grandaughters name funny hey? Sooooo I am super happy I have a new friend that lives in town that crafts and loves vintage just like me.And this was just after I emailed Catherine saying I wished I had a friend who lived closer who loved vintage too.See wishes can come true.Now how about that million dollar  win/inheritance/find dear wish makerer?
 I also found these cute brooches all from one collection I bet.

 This avon powder brush and box 70s methinks
 I found 2 vintage dresses in one shop I never have found any in before.I am only showing one as this one wont fit me.The other will be shared on a Frock on Friday soon.

It has gorgeous flared sleeves.
I think its from late 70s.

and another freaking bag!! I put it down I picked it up I opened it I shut it.I put it down again  I then said no woman! take it or you will wish you had so I did,Its all leather and has this lovely white shiny plastic clasp.
Now on the weekend other than look at one vastly overly pricd but with some nice things I would have liked) Garage sale I didnt do much.

But I did finish reading a book called
"The Secret Life of Dresses".by Erin Mckean was an easy read and I do love books about vintage dress shops.
My favourite one is still "A Vintage Affair" by Isabel Wolff and the other one I liked was "Shall we Dance".If you read them let me know what you thought.

I also watched a movie (mini sereies) I got from the library on DVD its a period drama called Daniel Deronda wasnt too bad but is a long show to watch and  the costumes were Oh wow.
I am right into period films again at the moment thanks to Downton Abbey.

Well thats all folks.
Nelly xxx

Ps dear new friend said there is a huge opshop at Gin Gin which is about 45 mins from here.Guess where The Captain is taking me soon?Yes I have informed him and would he be game to say no? mwahhhh hhhha hhhha hahh haaaaaaa


A Blessed Life said...

lol Nelly,so happy tou found a like minded new friend,just wonderful, love that chair..

Kylie said...

Gorgeous sleeves on your new dress Nelly...I can't wait to see the other one on Friday...with you in it AND posing!!!
Glad you've found a new friend what fun to have someone nice to go hunting for treasure with x

Lyndel said...

awwww Nelly now I want to come to Qld. to go out with you and your new friend too..
great finds, love the dress, of course, but particularly love the chair!♥

Liz said...

Love the brooches - especially the one of the lady with the big hat (well, I think that's what it is)! I remember those talc puff things!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Vintage Jane said...

Isn't it lovely when you find a new friend who actually doesn't think you are mad for loving and getting excited by 'old things'.
Love the dress nad brocches. M x

Miss Claire said...

Horray for new friends! Tania sounds wonderful. I hope she starts a blog too! Sounds like a great day, Nelly. I had to work today, boo. But Spring seems to be on its way and the sun is making me cheerful!

Oh the dress is lovely with it's butterfly sleeves. I'd say 70's too!

Xoxoxox Claire

VintageSweetheart said...

beautiful finds! I wish I had someone near by who loved vintage as much as I do!

E :)

Vintage Coconut said...

Hooray for new friends!
* Good price on the chair Nelly.
* The donkey brooch is so cute
* Avon powder brush.. SUPER AWSOME! I have never seen one of them before.
* Pretty dress love the flowers
* I gotta say I LOVE the bag you got and am super happy you decided to purchase it. It is a pretty one, you would have surely kicked yourself had you not bought it.

I am catching up on Big Brother right now, all comfy with my leopard blanket! *lol*

Scarlett said...

Great to have a new vintage loving friend - fabulous! I love that avon powder brush, i remember my nan having one like it - she was a complete talc addict! Those brooches are a amazing find too :o) Scarlett x

ladychiara said...

Yay for new friends! Love the chair and what a bargain Nelly! Love the dress and can't wait to see the other. Love the jewels especially the lil donkey and the blue butterfly.The handbag is just so elegant! Have a great week. :)

A Treasured Past said...

Love the chair and the brooches.It would be nice to have someone close by, my vintage loving friends have moved hoo. Have to share my love with the family, not that that's a bad thing.

Hello Vintage said...

Ohh, I like that bag and the brooches! Can't wait to see your new dress on Friday! That's great you found a new friend with same interests. None of my friends (only one close one) know about my blog, it's a bit of a secret because I don't think they would understand my love for vintage. :) Sherryx

Crafty Carol said...

hi nelly love the chair and brooches, was hoping to come and visit but peter has not been to good
hopefully soon take care crafty

Betsy said...

What beautiful goodies you found. Love those pins and the chair is adorable.

Boheme.Fille said...

Hi Nelly,
I received the tote like 4 days ago, but I couldn't message you because I didn't had Internet. Thank you so much for the gifts, they're adorable!:*:* Now I just need to contact the next person.:)

Krista said...

You are always finding stuff! I'd paint that chair bubble gum pink!

RETRO REVA said...

I'm beginning to wonder about you,Nelly ;)
No to a massage??? LOL! My Mom is the same way, i am like my Dad, rub me anytime ,anywhere! (Well, you know ;)

You did great with those pins and that dress is WOW!

I have your shorts and I also have a brown light woolish pair just like them. Will try to dig them up and also measure them.
I am going out of town later this week and have tons to do, but rest assured, your stuff is safe with me. I will look around for more springy stuff,too :)
E-mail me your size, Your city and zip-code for mailing. No rush.....

Vix said...

That dress is beautiful, Nelly. It won't fit? That's a blinking shame, that 1970's floaty style looks so good on you.
How exciting to find a vintage-loving friend. I hope she won't snap up the bargains before you do. x

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

wow the broaches are amazing, and I love the dress!


check out my blog :)

Helga! said...

O,sweetie,a gal can never have too many friends,especially ones who have the same interests!How marvellous!!
Love your scores,those brooches are fantastic!And isn't that frock unusual!? The handbag DID have to come home with you,well done! I hate regrets!
Your swap went well,you bagged some sweet treats!Perfect!!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh those sleeves - AMAZING! Great to have a thrifting buddy, I do have one friend who likes vintage but we don't get to meet up that often really.

Fourth Daughter said...

... a FEW things?? I'd love to see it when you go really overboard... and love the evil laugh re your plan to go to Gin Gin...
I have a chair sort of like that one but it was $35. Dammit!!

simmone said...

Nelly,you find the loveliest things,congrats on finding a new like-minded friend.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I heard about the Gin Gin oppy - I'm sure it's the same one - race you there? ;)). I'm so glad you found a lovely new friend who shares so much in common with you - bargainous chair and I can't wait to see your frock on you!! xoxo

Young at Heart said...

what fabulous treasures.....if you like Romola Garai...and frankly who doesn't...check out The Crimson Petal and the White!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that frock is FAB and the sleeves are lovely! Thos brooches are very cute too. And I like Krista's idea of a bubble gum pink chair! Isn't it wonderful to make a new friend? Sarah xxx

Please may I? said...

Stunning finds.

That dress is beautiful!

X x