Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Have chosen

Stars of Vintage for my business name.The domain has been bought by me!.

I did like Vintage Stars but it just wasnt right and I wasnt prepared to pay the huge price that I am sure they are asking for the .com as its been taken but isnt in use.Just sitting in parking zone wasting away.

Stars of Vintage will work for me as (if/maybe/when)  I ever get a shop I can have lots of famous stars from the past adorning the walls and my vintage items  as the main stars.See why I liked that name?

Not much to say today I am at LLs (lovely Laura is my 2nd daughter (for new readers) house lying on a bed in the sunny room getting snuggly warm and using her unlimited net as mine is on its last legs till 15th or 18th.Its a lovely day but the breeze is a bit cold and its sooooo quiet here.Kids have been to the park and one has gone home to be with Pa (the captain) for a snooze.
Tomorrow the Captain goes to pick up the older grandies lots of noise will be back tomorrow night.So I am making the most of the shhh time.
Thought Id share a couple of things I have been making lately and have just finished off.

Had to make another dragon scarf as grandson master 6 decided he wanted to the green one and another neckwarmer for someone.
neckwarmer and dragonscarf
these  neck warmers and 2 head bands

one headband modelled by miss 5 (look at those straight eyes!!! the op worked well)

do you like  my little felt  owls brooches I made them last night.

Thanks to everyone who comments on my blog and to the ones who commented on last post and made me feel sexy pretty hot ok the word is good lol
My replys (since reply button on comments is useless) are ...

Tam thanks hope the weather down there is as nice as it is here today
Wendy Hope you like my choice.
Loo Thanks so much shame I have no where to wear it lol
Kimmie awww shucks lol
Kitty You looked so good in that outfit you had on,not sure if my name  will be good for google etc
Opshop Mama that was a cute name thanks for suggesting it but decided to use SOV.
CK thanks loveyyou not been blogging?
MMMC thanks so much,The necklace part is all sewed on the dress amazing aye?
Lyndel thanks you are a sweetie I feel Vintage many days tho lol
Bris Mod that was a nice idea too maybe you can use it one day?
DD how sweet is your daughter amazing how my camera fades out all my wrinkles lol
Sarah thanks and yes I should have explained it better as you can see above its been taken just not in use.What a shame hey?
Catherine  You should come and join in on FOF
Kim it sure is hard as I have bought a few and not been happy.Feel good now tho.What did you choose?
Emily Thanks and hope you come back soon.
 Scarlett thanks lovely you should be joining in too and welcome back to blogsville.
 Cry If I was a fairy id grant me some wishes did you find that card?
Lucewoman I dont know why we dont but I bet lots do.Would be nice tho.
Vintage Coconut thanks VC and  please send me your address (dont ask just do lol)
Hello Thanks for commenting and I am not sure who started FOF maybe someone can tell us?
Max Its pretty nice isnt it and I had thought of Starring Vintage and then thought maybe people would  think its staring lol

Hope I got all that commented and I hope all links are working

Nelly xxx


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, it is freezing down here. It is even colder than the snowy mountains would you believe, yesterday it was still around 1 deg C at midday! Today I think is was around 9 degs.

I think you made the right choice for the name, I love it, and I think you will do well. Love the scarfs, and the owl brooches are the cutest. I love owls.

Hope you enjoy a quiet night before the kids return tomorrow, Tam x

p.s.I am pretty sure if I had friends over to help clear my room, they may disappear, its like the tardis.

Kitty said...

The biz name sounds great now that you've put it in context. I'm off to the markets (with rubbish) at 4am, brrr!

Hello Vintage said...

Love the owls, they are adorable.

Helga! said...

Awesome name,sweetheart!!! How bloody exciting!
And how bloody crafty you've been..I'm so ashamed!

Anonymous said...

Ohh! I love owl craft goodies! Very clever dragon scarf, Miss Five is just as beautiful as ever, and terrific straight eyes! (So glad that turned out well for you and your family!) I'll be looking forward to shopping at Stars of Vintage in future! :D

Lyndel said...

PERFECT NAME!!! the crafting this week has been great, love it all. what a gorgeous smile little miss 5 has now♥
OH I have some lovely 'frocks' this week, but not for me to wear....all washed, need a bit of an iron and a stitch here an there... will show you maybe tomorrow....

Scarlett said...

Yay on the name and bagging it! Very exciting and I can just imagine the shop with all the vintage film stars on the walls - love it! Scarlett x

delia hornbook said...

awww that is such great news about your business name and i think its perfect for you ;-)) You are a little star. Love your little makes how cute is that scarf ;-) And little miss 5 looks so beautiful bless her. Enjoy your time alone, dee xx

Ivy Black said...

Hurrah! Great news and I love the name....suits you. It's quite exciting buying a domain name don't you think?xxxx

Vix said...

I love the name and I loved you in friday's frock, you looked beautiful.
I love your knitting, you are so talented. x

Betsy said...

Congratulations on Stars of Vintage...has a good ring to it. The dragon scarf and little owls are so sweet.
Thank you so much for visiting with me today.

JeTaimeVintage said...

Some rather cute knitwear going on there. Felt owls are so cute too, you have skills!

Vintage Coconut said...

What's your E-mail addy Nelly? I tried pressing the E-mail contact button on your page but it is not doing anything. =/

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyy Nelly....LOVE the name you've chosen for your business....!!

Your little felt owls are GORGEOUS & your daughters TOOTHY smile is just as ADORABLE as your little man's TOOTHLESS one.... :o) !!

Tamarah :o)