Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Basket,The Basket Whats in the Basket?

ok the story of whats in this  basket. You still want to know right?Coz if not I wont bore you lol

Before I get started the  basket was bought from an oppie (as usual buying things that I have no use for at the time) and came in handy for  storing whats inside.I know not suitable for a few of the items  which will be stored properly from here on in I promise.But I  had to hide from little fingers and its done the job well till now.
Now where was I?....... oh yes I am a lover of Period dramas The Titanic, Emma etc etc and my new love (this was the hint) is Downton Abbey I mean those outfits are to die for!! You all have been watching it right?If not you must!!

So I knew the time was now to share whats in That dang basket!! ha

So anyway  a year back I met new friends via skype while trying my hand at network marketing (had some success and some fails) anyway I met a lovely friend via skype who lives in Italy but is from the USA. She is a wonderful artist as you can see HERE
I was telling her that I collect vintage and she said she was selling all her collection (some things I didnt get and wish I did) Some things belonged to her mum and gran some things were collected in many places. including a wedding dress from the 1800s that had info about them and I did research .. but thats another story.

Anyway I was able to pay off these items over a few months even tho they were reasonably priced it just helped make it more affordable to pay for Thanks Gemma xx and here they are Click on any pic to get a closer look. ... Are you ready?.....(drum roll please)

My heart beat so fast when I saw this Edwardian top and skirt
my heart still skipped when I opened it again am a weird shhh dont answer that .
look at the detailing it always amazes me how much work was put into these outfits.
Its had some outaking (they sure made do and mended then) and needs some handstitching done which is on that never ending list But I LOVE it.

I have a huge love of the femininity of the Victorian/Edwardian period hence why I adore this dress

This button has paper or cardboard inner and is well and truly home made.Love it.

Then this one from the 20s another era I adore

Lots of pintucks and lots of work so pretty it came with ribbon for the waist too

do I have any vintage purses?You betcha I do see....

Mesh and beaded If you want closer pics of anything let me know.Bet you love these Dakota

See the face on the clasp?
This one and one other I think I shall donate to a museaum due to the fragility of them both need to be somewhere safe so no more beads can fall off
Miser bags and yes they are had to get open and things out of hence that name lol

My dear friend Crafty Carol has a lovely collection of bags too and does tutorials of all sorts just ask and she will most likely know how.I also have heaps more (naturally) but thats for another day.

Some more? how about a hat pin and a hair comb belonging (from memory)to Gemmas gran

Silver Compact set from mum or Gran (all written down somewhere I must find it) So Scarlett I lied (tho accidently as I cant abide liars ) I have 2 compacts not one I forgot I had this one watch out I may catch up with you yet lol love the green stone on the lippy holder.Being my fav colour and all.
I beaded neckalce form the 20s I tried to get a closer shot as its a butterfly or fairy motif at the bottom.

Some jewels the 1960s? grapes  they are stamped Sterling paxco 925  Rancho Alegre Id say the round brooch would be a Mourning one that may have had hair in it at one time, small dress clip The black brooch didnt photo well see it boxed below.The bow is seperate from the round one tho they work well together.

 My fav piece is the perfume bottle at bottom right its greeeeeennn  (scabby pic sorry) was from Gemmas Dad/grandad (sorry Gemma I forget now) to her mum/gran in the 40s from Brazil and I swear thats a wacky tobakky leaf on the sides lol they are done in silver too If you want a closer look let me know.
 Lovely thimble and holder for a chattelaine
 Beautiful pins most are for babys and are Gold.
 All now loviongly stored in boxes (i bought the boxes ages ago from oppy see I know everything will come in handy eventually)

 I think this was Gemmas mums its beautiful Id say the 50s?
closer look on hairy arm
 and the lovely clasp
 Vintage collars I also have some knitted ones too that she sent.Somewhere?
 Silk hankies and a doily

  and she sent her dads old ruler  that he always worked with  with (yes I have old ruler collection too)
So now you know what was in the basket I so hope you enjoyed having a look.

On another note I now have more followers 113 how exciting is that?Thanks everyone I hope you keep coming and reading my random ramblings. You never know where I will go with them.

Ok thats it for me back to the crafting table now if I can get warm.Did I mention I dont like the cold?

Nelly xxxx

Ps my net has been on go slow so I cant always comment.This is to Sarah from Misfits that dress you had on last post was amazing,I can just see you and Desiree off to the circus together lol.If you both disapear we will know where to find you both loved what you both wore xx


Kimmie said...

So many lovelies!

Miss Claire said...

Oh my gosh, too many beautiful things all at once! I can't bear it! Each new photo brought on a gasp, haha! Love them all, and that 1800's dress is just amazing. Thanks for showing us what's in the basket, nelly! Xoxox

Crafty Carol said...

oh nelly so so so beautiful what tresures, give us a dress up of all those goodies

Lyndel said...

oh Nelly.... beautiful things, I know you are glad you bought them...♥
thanks for sharing.

Vintage Vixen said...

How beautiful Nelly. I agree, they really should be loaned to a museum where people can appreciate them and learn how the generations before us lived and hopefully behind glass they can be safe.
Thanks for sharing. xxx

delia hornbook said...

OMG Nelly i have died and gone to heaven. I think i would have cried opening and seeing all those gorgeous things. To be able to touch them and see them up so close. I have only ever seen things like that in a museum. ooohhh you are going to truly treasure them all i can tell. History in the palm of your hand so to speak what a magical feeling. I adore the 1920's dress and i agree the amount of lace detail that went into them just blows the mind. I adore the bags WOW that little red one well i am drooling you lucky lady ;-) Thank you so much for sharing i feel like i have been a part of history today, beautiful, dee xx

Vintage Coconut said...

OH my Lord, such beautiful things! Holy heck!
WOW WOW WOW Nelly! I just love it all!

A Treasured Past said...

OMG Nelly, they are fantastic!

wendz said...

Such beautiful things. You were very fortunate to be able to get them. Lovely stuff.

I've always loved the clothes from those eras.

When I was 14 I had to do a presentation in class (it was either for English or History can't remember now) and I chose to do 20th Century Fashion, and went to a local theatre and hired some Edwardian, Twenties and Thirties dresses and persuaded a few friends to dress up with me and model them for my classmates and teacher. It was wonderful.

I am sure you must treasure those things dearly - they really are a fantastic piece of history.

Liz said...

Wow - those dresses are just gorgeous! As you say - so much work went into these items.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

WOw! Those are treasures alright! Keep them safe!

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow wow wow, these are INCREDIBLE. Thanks for the pictures :)

Fading Grace said...

That really is treasure of the upmost kind! What Beautiful things xx

Vintage Sunday said...

Well and truly worth the wait dear Nelly ~ such loveliness! Thank you for sharing them with us! Love Brenda

Scarlett said...

Oh my the wait for the basket was well worth it, i dont even know where to stat on commenting on all these beauties, i adore them all, and of course the compact is a winner, you'll be hot on my heels in the compact stake ;o)

I think i would have to crack that basket open every day to have a look at all these, esp all the jewels! You are a lucky ducky. Scarlett x

Vintage Jane said...

Oh wow, I just drank those beauties in. They are the kind of things I dream of finding one day. Take care of them. M x

Vicky said...

Awesome haul.. I have some of my mums diamante 60's jewellery :)

ladychiara said...

Oh MY NELLY! What absolutely divine treasures! They are all so beautiful. That edwardian dress really is to die for. I love your collection of bags and the jewellery is drool worthy! It is lovely to know all these pretties will be cherished by someone who loves them. It's such fun rediscovering lovely things we have had tucked away. Enjoy!

Kylie said...

Oh Nelly, that basket is more of a treasure chest than a basket! Beautiful...all of it x

Miss Claire said...

Oh Nelly nelly nelly, my fairy godmother! You are amazing!!! I picked up my parcel today and it was full of treasures....as though christmas, easter and birthday had all come at once!! You've really looked after me and it made my week, or month even! What a lucky girl I am to have a friend like you.

Thank you. So much! I will do a post about it hopefully tomorrow or friday...Already wore the gorgeous scarf and ring, you are so lovely Xoxoxox

Dakota said...

My jaw dropped when I saw that first dress... what a stash of treasures you have there! And oh, those flapper purses.... swoon!! Antique lace and baubles make my heart skip a couple of beats as well, and gosh, all these pieces are so incredibly gorgeous! I'm in awe!

Veronica Slater presents said...

Nelly, I'm amazed! I loved everything, but the purses almost had me in tears (that's what beautiful purses do to me!)LOL. Amazing treasures. Good for you! Thanks for sharing!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

What beauties!