Sunday, June 19, 2011

Am I Dreaming Of Summer?

I am  weird doing a swimwear post  I know but was reading Blue Jean Babies blog post  (who is a newish blogger so share your blog following love) and thought why nots it is something I have wanted to blog about for awhile and It is summer somewhere even if I am freezing my butt off and wishing it was spring/summer here already!

Now this is a little story called regret (yes another one)
Way back in the 80s (before the term Vintage was popular or in vogue) I found a pair of beautiful black tight thick 40s/50s swimmers similar to these ones
Pic sourced HERE

Mine had  a beautiful fancy button (which I may still have) at the bodice.Now the regret part is that as I wasnt wearing them and as the top was so nice I thought I could cut the bottoms out and wear the top but being no tailoress at all I wrecked them somehow (i think without the bottoms it kept riding up) so I  have them no longer so that is  a huge regret seeing as  now I collect vintage more seriously than then.

I also at around the same time found a beautiful pink floral with  shirred back 50s style that I loved but was too shy to wear being so body and fashion conscience (silly me! hindsight!!) what happened to them I will never know unless fingers crossed I gave to my mum to look after and they are in her cupboard somewhere.They were similar in style to these but mine were pink with a more of a vintage print  and way  prettier
Pic sourced HERE

Also in the 80s I bought these ever so cute little girl swimmers and this was before I had my eldest daughter (planning ahead) Both my girls who are near 27 and 23 wore them (photos somewhere) and as you can see I still have them today.Sadly my own grandaughters didnt wear them I think as they had been stored away for so long.

2 years ago my mum gave me this pair that she wore when she was 15 back in the early 60s.I wish I had a pic of her in them I know she does in her album but she is many hours from me.
 And of course I had to try them on BRRRR. (Sorry for glare and mess behind me ,thats what the shed is like with my lot dump and go)
 I was freezing and trying to do it b4 anyone came home and laughed at me so not the best of pics.
Looking for Volunteers to help with my backgound mess again
Then in the last few years I have obtained the following 2.
  Think they are 60s and 70s what do you think?

 Sorry no self pics with these the family is home (my excuse and sticking with it lol)

So now I have shared my swimwear peices and frozen my butt of in the process what vintage swimmers do you own?

Nelly XXX


Kitty said...

I have none! i saw a pair for a wholesale price of $120 last week though...but obviously they were left behind, for that price! you look AWESOME in them!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Omgosh! That little girl swimmer is just SOOOOO CUTE! AHHHHHH

The one you tried on and showed us is LOVELY and you look great in it.

The green and pink flowered one is just so freakin sweet!
You have got some lovely swimsuits on your hands!

Missy Vintage said...

You look great! They look so sweet! x

Lyndel said...

Oh Nelly I dont have any but I do love yours. look at the little logo (Janson) on the red pair.♥

delia hornbook said...

Oh bless you Nelly. Those are so much fun i love your mums you modeled so well for you have gorgeous legs ;-)) Love the green one to so pretty with the flowers on. I don't have any and have never seen any on my travels so it was lovely to see yours ;-)) Have a great day, dee x

Scarlett said...

I love your vintage swimwear, you look fabulous! I dont own any real vintage swimwear but I do have a black swimsuit in the vintage style and to be honest no one who goes to my local swimpool would know the difference as they are all in their speedo branded sport swimsuits! Scarlett x

Vintage Jane said...

Saw a photo in a Sunday mag yesterday of one of the Wags wives in a all-in-one thong thing - it looked dreadful; cheap and vulgar. The swimsuits you have shown here (and modelled beautifully!) manage to exude glamour and look totally flattering. They are all gorgeous. M x

Young at Heart said...

oh so cute, love the prints and you look fab!!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh Nelly, you look fabulous in that swimsuit. Love it. Love the stripey one too.

I've got a lovely orange 50s one which had lost it elasticity and I was going to cut up to make a cushion cover (yes I know, what a mad thought). Well anyway, I didn't and decided to frame them instead. They are so iconic.

duchess_declutter said...

You look fabulous in those swimmers Nelly - very flash! Those two at the end I think would be from the 60s? Partic the stripey one. What a great collection of swimmers to own!

Vix said...

I love the one you're modelling, it's so pretty and would look brilliant with a pair of jeans or a floaty skirt. I tend to sell the ones I get hold of, I'm strictly a string bikini kind of girl and those all-in-ones look far too overdressed for a hippy Indian beach. xxx

ladychiara said...

Nelly how awesome to have your mum's! They look great on you and you DO have terrific legs! I so love the little girl swimmers with the little pink flowers and the frill! I hate that all swimsuits of today are cut so high on the thigh, even those made for little girls.

A Treasured Past said...

Wow, fantastic collection,and you do look great! Your mums suit is gorgeous. A far cry from my boardies and rashie when I HAVE to enter the water..not a pretty sight I must say. Tam x

Miss Claire said...

Oh golly Nelly, you look gorgeous in the swim suit that belonged to your mum-I'd love to see a pic of her in it too! That last green and pink one is just gorgeous, I love the daisy's. I've got a 1970's (or possibly 90's in 70's style, can't tell) 2 piece, pics here:

I'm just in the process of doing a post on my parcel from you, thank you so much again!! Spoilt!!!! Xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Have you watched the notebook
I love the swimsuit and headpiece she wears