Thursday, May 26, 2011

Must Sell Stuff!! and other Ramblings

Have things for sale and the selling; site I was getting done is at a stand still for now.(header creator gone awol) So I think maybe I will just start a shop selling  blog for now.Thoughts? Or is Ebay or Etsy your favorite selling place? Hate e-bay fees!!
One day maybe I will own a shop front somewhere.Now, that Id love.

The thing is I am having trouble getting motivated to photograph everything.Will they be good enough pics ? How much do I price things for? Will people even want to buy?

How about a Lovely Leather Vintage jacket? Purple lining.

Yes I go thru stages of self doubt regularly and I tend to procrastinate about everything I want to do!! (of which there is plenty)
Once I get going I am great just self doubt and fear of failure is one of my biggest problems(other than my op shop addiction of course ha ha)

or go for a 70s top with belt tie

I wish I had a vintage buddy nearby (come on girls move near me!!) I am sure it would make things much easier, maybe?
You can come snuggle up in this its been cold enough here.Its faux fur.

So dear people what are decent prices? How do you sell? How do you get and stay motivated?

 Seems I have lots from the 70s

So there you go I am a procrastinating, self doubting, fear of failure  freak but  wanting to be a successful in something  wannabe. I must start doing lists again I think I do better that way.

and one more 70s from my many

see lots

and apparently "The worst enemy to Creativity is Self Doubt" Thats me!!Need to get rid of it as I have a list of must get dones waiting.Maybe I am just hormonal AGAIN?!

another reason I want to sell some things is I really want a good SLR camera then I may be able to take great pics So what sort do you have? Once I start selling things I may be able to save up for one.

Looking forward to your thoughts of which I am expecting plenty.

Nelly xxx

PS swing tags any good ones to make? I was thinking of using playing cards? (just in case I ever do the markets)

PPS thanks for all comments I read them all and used to use the reply button to answer you but I don't think it lets anyone know I have replied.


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Nelly, my photography skills are my achilles heel so my advice is not likely to be worth much, although I'm trying to improve and find nice backgrounds etc. If you are selling clothing then I would want to see it on someone preferably - with their measurements listed - or failing that on a dummy/dress form type thing. And plenty of angles (boring to do though I know)

Love the idea of playing cards for the swing-tags, sounds great. I'm sure once you make the jump you'll start to love it and make time for it - like with blogging. Good luck - you have some great stuff, shame I'm not on your side of the world!

fabriquefantastique said...

I sell on etsy and it works well for me, have a browse about. Agree with ebay fees, but I understand that there is now no listing fee more final value (just add a couple of bucks on the asking price) I may give it another try as I have tons of stock.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Sorry to hear you are having self doubt, happens to all of us i think at some point! Im saving for a slr camera too. I sell on ebay, the fees are rubbish but a lot of people feel safe buying from ebay. I picture my clothes on a plastic body (as per the clothes pics in my blog) and take several photos. I think you need to look around and see similar items and what they are selling for to get an idea of price.

Im sure it will all come together for you and you will be selling in no time.

Scarlett x

Vintage Vixen said...

Don't bother selling them, just send all your 1970's stuff over to me! I'll give it all a good life.
I sell on eBay. The site's easy to negotiate and you reach a worldwide audience so I consider the fees are acceptable.
Always check on "Completed Listings" to see what kind of price things go for prior to listing.
Take good, clear pictures, preferably on a mannequin or a dressmaker's dummy. My camera is an ancient Finepix A405 from 1998. It seems fine.
Always iron the item.
Measure everything, list fabrics and washing instructions.
Spell check and don't waffle or list unreasonable terms and conditions.
Sell in season - no coats in summer or swimwear in winter.
Get accurate postage rates.
Good luck. xxx

Fading Grace said...

I was terrified the first flea Market I sold at, I had a dream the night before that nobody bought anything! I did really well.... Self doubt is totally normal and something I get quite alot! Ebay is ok for selling I just get bored easily, but it's quite exciting watching the pennies grow! Just go for it Nelly, if it doesn't work try something else, no such thing as failure as long as you try...oh my god I sound like my Mum!!!!! xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Nelly, I'm with you on the selling - I've got loads of stuff that I should get rid off rather than hoard which is what I tend to do. Anyway, I've read through the comments and you've got some fantastic advice there. Just do it! Good luck!

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, I am selling on both etsy and ebay. Ebay does have very high fees, but it is good for certain items that you know will get a higher price especially if you open it to International buyers.

Ebay is good for quick sales, which might sell for more than priced, but start at a price that you are happy to sell at it if only has one bid. Etsy is good but you need to list it for the price that you want to sell for. Have a look around re. prices for completed listing, etsy, ebay and google.

Also you need to think of the demographic, who are your target buyers and where do they shop. This may help you decide, I prefer ebay for more 'manly' items etc.

I have sold 1 item on etsy (yay!), it is fun to set up but the items can move very slowly. It is only 20 cents to list though and they are active for 4 months, then the final fee is only 3.5% on top. You can't really beat that for price.

I have been using playing cards, vintage flash cards and the like for swing cards. I have been adding my bigger pieces to the jumbo card packs. Have you seen them around? They are only a few dollars. I can send you a pack if you like.

I agree with Sophie, just do it, you will find what is right for you as you go along.

I'm off the the markets tomorrow so I will see how that goes, not a good time as it is off season and cold.

Best of luck, Tam x

Lyndel said...

oh Hard decisions Nelly. I have been selling on eBay for 10 years now, not so many clothes, and certainly not many vintage clothes. You really need a model (like yourself) or a manequin to show off the items, and washing, ironing, photographing, MEASURING, and describing take ages. Without actual measurments, most items get v.little interest, saying its a size 8/10 or SSW/ W / etc isnt enough.
then there are the faults, every tiny pull, tear, missing button must be described or you'll end up with complaints, requests for refunds etc. And posting, you need to post promptly (like go to the PO every day), eBay Australia charge $19.95 a month for a store and .40c to List each item for 30 days, and then final value fees, PayPal will also charge you fees. You need to get the postage charges right, and if sending overseas remember that to USA is an extra $9 customs /security clearance fee ON TOP of the postage if item is more than 500gr. (why I prefer to NOT sell internationally).
If you have the time and patience, eBay is Good. on my various accounts over the years I have sold over 10,000 items... from stamps and postcards, to clothes, books, patterns... but eBay is forever changing and you need to change with it.
get about 50 items ready, clean, pressed, photographed and measured. THEN, open an eBay Store,hit the ground running with good items straight up - try it for a month or 2, see how you go, you can always close it again and you've only lost your time and less than $50 for a month! give it a go!♥

Kitty said...

Everyone has said most of it!~ But CAN the playing cards idea!! Heaps of people already do it and it cheapens your stuff. Just MHO. Also, with the photos, you don't need the best camera in the world but use a program to edit your photos, for online selling its crucial, you need to stand out from the crowd and having better than average photos is one of the easy ways to do that.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I’m just sending out a quick message to let people know their Faith Hope and Charity Swapping partners. Days of spreedsheet fiddling I tell you, if this works it’s going on my CV! I won’t have access to a PC from Tues 31st until June 6th – so any questions will have to wait til I get back I’m afraid. I’m going to put up a quick post on the rules before I go, but for now you can check out your partner’s blog and start figuring out what they might like.
Your swap partner is karlyn at rosa's Room
Thanks for playing along!

Ivy Black said...

I've been selling on eBay for years now and I get fed up with it every now and then but I always end up back there because I find it easy to navigate and it's good for quick sales. I'm doing more 'buy it now' listings latesly as I have so much stuff I want to move on and can't wait for an auction to run. I would say that clear photos are a must and never leave them on landscape when they should be portrait! I always make sure vintage stuff is laundered and ironed to be photographed. Make sure you list your things in the right category. Also reasonable postage prices help. Nothing is more boring than being overcharged on postage.
I'll be selling on Etsy/Folksy soon but that will be handmade items. I don't sell what I make on eBay.
Playing cards make eye catching swing tags...I use plain manilla luggage tags.
Just have a go and see what'll be pleasantly suprised!
Have fun.

jamie-lee said...

I've been selling heaps of things too, it can be hard and frustrating when ebay takes those seller fees, it always seems like heaps!

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful collection of goodies. I can't really advise as I don't have a shop but I think ebay and etsy are pretty low overheads really compared to if you had a real shop and you have such a world wide scope of shoppers who will find you easily!!

Young at Heart said...

there is nothing like a good clear out for freeing the spirit and unleashing the brain.....I believe!!

Miss Claire said...

Ohh, looks like you have lots of treasure to sell! I am thinking of selling some stuff soon too, I've just got way too many things that I don't wear, and now that I'm having to move house I think a heap will be sold and donated. I reckon pretty one-sided cardboard (scrapbooking or origami paper, perhpaps?) cut into rectangles, or cirlces or triangles would make sweet tags! Xoxox Claire

Miss Claire said...

PS. please don't self doubt, you are fabulous and kind and all round lovely. Go for it, embrace opportunities and don't be afraid! Xx

grunge-queen said...

I love those 70s tops too! I never buy 'em though because, like you, I rarely wear collared blouses. But they remind me of the shirts my Mom would wear when we were growing up in the 70s - they fascinated me then and they still do!