Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Baker the Surgeon the Artist and the Rockstar

The grandkids had their end of term dance and the theme was Jobs and Careers so here are my lot in their outfits

                                                     Miss 4.5 The Baker

                                     And she won the best dressed in the girls section

Master 6 The surgeon

                            Made from 2 large pillowcases and a  make  it up as you go pattern

                                                Miss 8 The Rockstar with attitude

                            Remember the guitar I bought on the weekend? This is it
                           bit of paint and some bling here and there It was a last minute
                                            (todays rush job but looks good in the pic)

                      And The Artist Miss10 yes its a miss who loves getting right into her dress ups
                                                  The mono brow was her idea

      I made 3 berets before I got one that fit just right over the wig and picked up the shirt and she       painted on it.   
                                                         This is Miss 10 in her daily life

This was them last year at bookclub week Miss4.5 wasnt at school at the time but all 3 other kids won best dressed in their classes.Miss 10 again going all out as the Mad hatter,Miss 4.5 as the Rabbit Miss 8 as Pippy longstocking and Master 6 as Wally from Wheres Wally fame.

Hope you enjoyed now I can get back to normal crafting and getting my shop site  organised.Where is that knitting been put? .....


PennI said...

Dress-ups are just the BEST!!!!!!! They all look sooooo CUTE!! xxxxx

Miss Claire said...

Haha, wow! You must be the best gran ever to them!! They all look adorable in this year and last years costumes. Sounds like fun!

A Treasured Past said...

The kids look great Nelly, no wonder they won best dressed, so creative!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

awww love this post, they all look amazing! Scarlett x

Lyndel said...

oh they all look great Nelly, and Miss-10 I didn't miss the fact that each fingernail was a different colour!! fantastic♥

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart and soul said...

Such absolute preciousness and how lucky are they to have you to fulfill their vision and, fun, fun.

Vintage Coconut said...

Such great costumes!
They are all so cute.
I think you did a great job on that guitar!

duchess_declutter said...

You're such a fun young gran to them! They look great.

delia hornbook said...

aaaawww bless them all they look great ;-)) dee x

Anonymous said...

These are the best at home kids costumes,ever! Nelly you are so creative, I do believe it has inherited by your Grandchildren.

Now that Miss 10 has done the Male artist, perhaps the mono-brow could be used again to represent Freida Kahlo!

Cheers! TWN