Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friday Frolics

After  lazing around for a  few days and even tho I wasnt yet 100% well (feeling way better now) I HAD to go opping on Friday  the other choice was sitting around again (BOOORRRING)
My finds were......
this art nouveau looking clam tray thingy.What would it be called? I loved the shape of it and had seen it a couple of days previously and it was still there when I went back.After I got it another fella asked where I had found it as it was on the opposite side to where all these things usually hang out.Its electro plated -only just now saw the stamp.But has more of a brassy look (an over zealous past polisher?).Will look great filled with my pearly things.

Also more fabric (like I need more fabric but will be patchworking sometime)Crafty books.
Yellow table cloth and doilies to try and make some gorgeous gypsy style tops,heart rose wall hanger,ballerina pic and Petticoat Junction DVD (loved that show as a kid and now I can watch and drool over their 50s outfits,),some letters to use in a boggle box,a wooden thingy?,and a little brown jug cos it was 10cents and it was cute and some cute little spoons.
Old frame,wooden brush, wooden coathangers ( I only use these type of hangers now)Enid Blyton book coz I cant resist them and another cute vintage hankie still with original sticker
Another notebook mag and a Jamie Durie gardening one.Heart sash (for the queen of hearts outfit for GD)
cute coffee cups and saucers (floral and only $1.80 the set)
Butterfly belt buckle 70s/80s?
Feather earings 2 brooches the round one has a vintage closure and was only $1.liitle shoes for Miss 4.5s treasure collection.

and me (photo shopped to hide messy shed  and coz pic made my eyes look super weird lol ).This dress is 2nd hand but new to me $4 I had been after a maxi dress in black for ages and found this last week. Hate paying new prices.Felt great in this dress and it  hid my swollen pregnant looking tummy (which is ok if pregnant but not so when not)I am wearing my snake arm band.Better pics soon just have to rope in someone to take pics.
Oh and mustnt forget my purple boots ready for winter.

Big wishes we all find some super treasures that will keep us smiling this week.

PS as you can see I just changed my theme will use for now till I find THE ONE.For anyone else wanting to change their templates I use Pyzam but you will have to re-add your comment box and also Reply to comment tab (if you want one). To do the comment one go to the  Blogger Buster page here and to add Reply to Comment go to this Page If you have problems finding the code they ask you to find just press your CTRL and F letter on your PC  and you will get a search box come up, add some of the words you are looking for and you should be able to find the spot you need,Press Next (near search box to find what you are looking for if its not the one you want first time)Hope it helps.This is also for me to go find when I change my template as I have a memory like a siv.


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Janelle, fab finds! Love the tea set, wow..for only $1.80 thats a real bargain. You won't find a cup and saucer set here now for under $15 each at our opies.

Glad you are feeling better, I have the day off work today with the flu :(

Boy, you are looking great! Tam x

Janelle aka Nelly said...

@A Treasured Past
Thanks Tam the cups have no handles so I presume they are coffee cups.Can get a few nice ones here on occassion am collectiong for kids tea party eventually.
Hope you are all better soon have kids here with flues so hope not to get it too.

Vintage Vixen said...

What a haul! I love those silver feather earrings so much. That dress is gorgeous on you, you have a killer bod. xxx

Lyndel said...

pretty page, Nelly, and what a haul from the Op Shopping. and I always pick up those green & white GLASS tea towels.. they are just so good (especially if you don't have a dishwasher). Great finds.

Kitty said...

I like the new template but now I see why you lost your comments that time, what a hassle!

The Widow Next said...

Hmmm...I do wonder what the seashell thingy is...perhaps side cups are for sauce? The other idea; mebbe it is for cleaning hands? Dunno! The teaset is a find and a half, you lucky lady...

And, woman! Your bad day in a dress is good as it gets for a lot of gals! You look good, Nellie! Keep going!



fabriquefantastique said...

I'm with you on the wooden 'em.

Vintage Coconut said...

LOL You made me laugh saying "you cropped your pic cause your eyes looked super weird."

Everything you bought is lovely I love the cups and saucers and the jewelry.

P.S. You look great in that dress

Helga! said...

Hurrah for opshopping,so ,many scores for so little! You've done very well,missy!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Weeeeeeeee the clam-thingy is amazing and I love those ballerina prints. Oh my I hope you do an outfit pic with the purple boots!!! And it's so lovely to see you - the dress and armlet are adorable - what a beautiful smile:))))) xoxo

Sabre' said...

Hi there!
Well, looks like you made quite a hall - so many great finds and I love the dress!
Hope you're having a great week :)

Sabre' said...

Hi there!
Well, looks like you made quite a hall - so many great finds and I love the dress!
Hope you're having a great week :)