Saturday, March 26, 2011

Books and books and Other Finds oh and did I mention Books?

Lovely Laura and I raced in early to the annual oppy book sale.I cant say it was all that great  but LL had alot of fun and found books she was looking for to complete her sets.LL has announced she wants a record player I think it was a hint?? She nearly bought some old vinyls and changed her mind because she cant play them.Sure doesnt stop me from having a stash tho  lol.

I headed to table 3 first which were the Collectables hmm well yere they were old and some were nice but I am not paying $6 for a home Journal magazine no matter how nice the covers are.I then went to the craft table talk about popular I really dont like to fight my way thru people so may go armed next time lol.
Here are my books.......

Guitar coz I have a couple and really do want to learn (lessons always few and many years in beteween but I do adore the sound of guitars.That book was $1.Stitch N bitch I have heard about and was only $1 as well.Now for my fav the Brief History of Unmentionables ha ha  some great pics inside.I also picked up 2 knitting books one for lace patterns,Will be knitting again very very soon.
Why oh why do pics go sideways sometimes? Oh well am tooo tired to fix now hope you can crane your neck for a peak at the unmentionalbles.

More kids books.... Buntings here I come (very very soon) I  missed out on a heap of Enid Blytons darn it.Was watching a lady pick up a huge bundle of them while I was in the check out line I am surprised no one had nabbed them already ,I would have.Note to self wear blinkers next time to avoid disapointment!!!
My box of Thursday goodies (sorry about the blur) Thursday was a great day for treasure hunting,

                   Lets open the box and unwrap some treasures.Look at that urrrgly cat its a cookie jar and it has weird eyes but I couldnt resist as I think she may be old?Poodle and owl and cats,lotsa cats,origamni paper and an old photoalbum made in Vietman its the red polished book with flowers,I also love the box it all came from Bootooloo where the heck is that? Even Google wouldnt tell me but looks like they grow capsicums.Oh and look another ceramic dog my collection is growing.

I saw this small pile of plates and only saw the top one said 50c I thought great wasnt till I got home and saw how cute they were.Do people still collect these? They are all Mothers Day ones from the 80s.I will be selling them on if so

I couldnt resist this 60s fish and shell bowl coz reminds me of my mums shell bowl she has had forver most like a wedding presnt must ask her.

Then I got this at next oppy. Old bras (new project stay tuned) Glass salt and pepper shakers,cute water can,another tapestry purse,and a VW beetle brooch was 50c today, 2 days earlier old lady wanted $2 for it ha methinks I will wait and ask someone more my price range and I won.

                           I do love beetles still.Wanted one for years but The Captain wouldnt oblige!

Next stop Veiw master yay me just like the one I got cept mine was grey (and I still have it) this still was in box A couple silver bits for Miss 4.5s kitchen. Another flaming dog!! and a cow milk jug for Miss 4.5 maybe.And another knitting nancy I have a thing for them maybe coz the only one I had as a kid was made of a wooden cotton reel and nails and I still have it
                                                   (how do people keep things so well?
                                                             A cute vintage nighty.
And 2 wise old owls methinks from the 80s.I wasnt goiung to leave them after the last regret from last Owl I left behind,.They were $1 each oh no not anopther collection?
,Not often I find Boy books but I did and Old uncle remus just like the one I had as a kid.Ahh memories.I saw an old book today I had as a kid.Didnt buy it the pics still creeped me out lol.Was an araboan nights one maybe I should have got it to creep the Gkids out??
And lastly my new bin,Its a willow and is frogified so I had to have it and the tea set green caught my eye and the pattern sold me,Made in Malaysia.Not really showing how pretty it is here tho.

That was my week hope you all have a wonderful treasure hunting creative crafting weekend.Stay tuned for next time same crazy lady same weird and picture heavy blog.
PS I so enjoy everyones comments so thanks all.


delia hornbook said...

wow you have got loads this week ;-) I love all teh childrens old books and that bitch and stitch knitting book look interesting. enjoy your weekend, dee x

Tara said...

Hi Nelly,

I added the link to by blog where my husband found those tea cup stands!


Vintage Vixen said...

I like the look of the lingerie book, Nelly. Some frame worthy photos in there. xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

60s fish & shell bowl 60s fish bowl & shell bowl! I am lovin it!!! LOL